Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WTF Wednesday - A Train? Really?

Okay now THIS is cool.

Can you imagine?! Waking up every morning to a view of the Golden Gate Bridge, or pretending to live in a fish tank?

Just imagine how much more tolerable those little micro-hotels would be with one of these.

I think the train one would make me dizzy though.

WTF Wednesday indeed.

Tonight... more Trivia! I'm going to see if we can't make it a hat trick. If nothing else, I'll once again be able to eat and drink for free, so win!

Trivia at Pumphouse doesn't start until 8, though, so I think I might try making these coconut kiwi muffins I found; I happen to have a bag of kiwis sitting in the fridge, and a good cup or so of coconut in my pantry, and a little time to kill!

We'll see if I find the motivation.

I may just have a salad and watch Jon Stewart interview Rachel Maddow.

The Kid is having a great time! She called me earlier while they were taking a break from their morning in New York, where they took the subway, saw Central Park, and shopped. A lot.

So educational! But she did pick me up a Rachel Maddow mug, so ya know, I can't complain too much.

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