Friday, April 30, 2010

F-Word Friday: Fresh

Well we nearly managed it again!

Team Bastard came in 2nd last night (pulling up from 5th) so go us (and we still beat Team Super Mecha Whateverthehell)! We only lost by a point, and that was only because some weirdo in Team Can't Type It Here, This Is A Family Blog knew all the kids in the Family Circus comic.

I forgive him though, merely for the fact of his awesome victory pose.

Like this but with more clothes

Since we had the spoils of several prior victories burning holes in our collective pocket, the team splurged on a few beers, some hummus, and a big spinach and garlic pizza, which was SOOOO good. D-Note makes their own crust I believe, but at the very least it's not a pre-formed sort of thing. Their pizzas are very rustic, and this one was piled with - oh Dandy, you'd just love it - whole cloves of roasted garlic!


This weekend is full of stuff to do, which is alternately nice and exasperating. Nice because I don't feel like I've wasted days of time, but exasperating because OMG WE HAVE SO MUCH.

Tomorrow morning is the first day of the farmers market season in town, so we'll be getting up to get some fresh veg. I don't know what's in season, but whatever it is I'm getting some! I've really developed a taste for fresh and not shipped-from-elsewhere food.

After that it's off to the grocery store for supplies to make chocolate covered strawberries or fruit tarts (or maybe both, we'll see what's on sale) for a gathering we're attending later - maypole dancing might be involved... unless it's raining, because I'm a big baby.

Then later in the evening, we'll be off to Melissa's for her Fabulous Bacon Party!

My friend Melissa is writing a book all about bacon, and part of it is sampling some of the many, many varieties to be had in the world. She got a whole bunch of samples and we'll be fryin' em' up and chowin' down.

That was a lot of unnecessary apostrophes. I apologize.

Anyway, it should be lots of fun - I'm even going to bring wine. What wine goes with bacon? Hm.

I predict in the end, my favorite will still be your regular old, run-of-the-mill bacon. The skinny, crispy stuff. What can I say? I'm boring.

Sunday should be a lot more relaxed. We'll sleep in I think, then Rollerpunks practice and dinner afterward in some capacity or other. The Kid has a science fair project that needs finishing, but all that needs doing is to print some stuff up. Lacking a printer, this means a trip to grampas (he's so nice). Assuming we remember her flash drive, we'll probably do this on the way home Sunday.

And of course, I have to get started on a birthday present for my mom; well, WE have to get started. The Kid & I are doing it together! It's a cool one I think. Maybe lame. It doesn't involve yarn of any kind, at any rate, which means there's a fair chance it will actually be done in time for her birthday!

By the way, you'll be happy to know she's already got herself a sweet new gig at an animal hospital, and is already running the place. She's like that.

Happy Friday!


Julie said...

I'm not running the place!

Best wine with bacon is "Is that all?"

Dandy said...

Umm... bacon party?! This is why I love you.

In New Zealand our standard stuff is called "American streaky bacon". We found that quite entertaining.

curegirl0421 said...

As opposed to Canadian Bacon, which is just sneaky ham.