Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekend Catchup: There Can Be Only One

A lovely weekend.

Friday and Saturday consisted of a lot of lounging.

We had a dinner Friday night with Melissa at a local favorite, then went home and baked the lamb cake.

It came out totally cute! All the detail of the mold doesn't really come through, but I think all that detail is meant more so that the mold can be displayed as a piece of kitchen art.

In the morning, before leaving for 4 hours of fun at Firestone, I iced and decorated...

And voila!

I was really proud of myself! It looked just like I remembered. I didn't coconut the whole thing, which meant that I took a little longer icing the sucker (coconut covers many, many icing sins). The Kid hates coconut, and I had promised her the beast's head, so that was that.

Firestone was actually quite a nice experience. My car has recently hit 45,000 miles (yowza) and I knew I had to get some serious upkeep done. I'm good about oil changes, but the other stuff tends to fall by the wayside because it tends to be expensive and time-consuming.

I did some comparison shopping before going to Firestone, but ended up there since I've been there many times and always had good experiences. They have never messed around, or made me think they were doing anything unnecessary or to take advantage of me being a girl. (Much as I'd like to believe, in this modern age, that women are considered equal to men in all things, a lady alone in a car-related area is someone of which advantage is often taken.)

It paid off... I had requested a brake job, assuming I needed one after so long, and was informed after inspection that my breaks were just fine (although I did opt for a brake line flush). Now they could easily have done it anyway, how would I know? But they were honest, and they have me as a customer for good.

So back at home Saturday, we made the gluten-free cupcakes we had promised The Kid's grampa's housemate. Well, I say "we", but really The Kid was in charge! This was another project for her Home Ec (excuse me, Consumer and Family Services) class, so there were many pictures, the end result of which was some seriously cute Easterness!

We brought the cupcakes and lamb cake to Easter dinner Saturday night (ham, potatoes, green beans... the best!).

Since I had promised The Kid the head, I let her lop it off, and she snitched many red jelly beans and got arty.

I do so love her.

Sunday morning, I hid The Kid's basket-filling goodies, which she enjoyed immensely. We languished all morning until Nova & family came to have lunch with us at our new favorite pizza place, and Nova's husband Kelly did some house maintenance for me (he's handy like that... the broken tree limbs are now down, and my furnace filter changed).

We ended up going to bed pretty early (I blame the weather and ever-present allergies... even The Kid seems to be suffering this year) but we did manage to watch Sherlock Holmes, which wasn't bad but could have been so much more!

Happy Monday... I hope you had a fun weekend!


TheMidnightWriter said...

Hi there! The photos of all those yummy cakes and cupcakes made me hungry. Nice job on the decorating. I found you on Workforced and decided to follow you. I love to cook and I especially love to bake. Maybe we can swap some recipes. Visit me on The Midnight Writer and please follow me there. I'd love to write a review about your site and swap links with you. We could do a widget exchange for a month or so or just place a link in the sidebar. Let me know and enjoy the baking.

curegirl0421 said...

Widget?! hahaha You are waaaaay too advanced for me, Midnight Writer! I wouldn't know a widget if it bit me on the toe...

But I will definitely add you to my blogroll, and follow you!

Thanks for stoppin' by! It's always nice to have new folks listening to me whine. :)