Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Talk To Myself A Lot

Holy Hell.

It's Thanksgiving this week! How did that even happen?

This is what I never knew about doing the school/work combo - it eats time like it was a bag of (fill in your favorite snacky item here - salt & vinegar chips for me, thanks).

All of a sudden I'm down to the last of my third paper, and the start of my fourth and final.

Without seeming to feel it, I've managed to get to my last set of homework and quizzes for math, and will be facing my final in just a couple of weeks. Not to brag, but I also got 101% on my most recent test. GO ME.

On top of that there's been Derby (The Kid won her most recent bout, by the way), and moving TR's brother & wife (his brother's wife, not TR's DUH). I managed to pack the be-all end-all of emergency supply boxes, too, containing tea, coffee, mac and cheese and spaghetti. You could seriously live a week on that box.

Too bad I hid the silverware (they found it eventually).

Anyway, point is I've been unbelievably busy. Not too busy for you, baby, don't cry! Just too busy to blog.

Today, though, I felt the need to share, even though I've probably alienated everyone by now with my absence. At least it's there, right?

But what to talk about?

How about the fact that The Kid has the ENTIRE week off for Thanksgiving? We never got the whole week off, what gives?! Not that she's complaining. She's got an entire week of crafting and sleeping in and watching episodes of Monk on the Netflix.

(By the way, if you have internet and a Blu-Ray, a Wii, a PS3, TiVo or one of those fancy internet TVs, Netflix now has a streaming-only option for their service for 8 bucks a month. It's awesome! Who needs cable! Netflix should give me a month's credit for plugging them. Spread the word.)

Oh and guess what! I'm going to be in Geek Bowl 2011 in January. It's the throw-down event of the year for Geeks Who Drink, and I'm super excited! Even if we don't win it will be awesome fun. We're thinking costumes, even - maybe hats. Who knows. It doesn't matter, really, because I will be too busy being thrilled to be part of the world's biggest nerd herd.

How are we preparing? Mexican food and 5-hour Energy Drinks. We will ROCK IT.

Let's see, what else.

TR bought a house! He should have keys in hand today, in fact, and I'm so excited for him. It's an excellent house with an unbelievable view and the most beautiful oak tree out front. It has only the minorest of needs (minorest? Really, Mimi?), all which are fixable with no real fuss, and I think he's going to be really happy there.


He'll be happy once the move is done. Moving SUCKS, but since he's smartly hiring movers it should be less horrific than one might usually expect. No taking fifty loads in various cars, or arguing with U-Haul. No back-breaking labor (besides the actual box-packing).

Movers are SO worth the money.

Anyway it's lovely inside, and I am really going to have to restrain the Kraft Krazy. When I looked at it I could almost see the floor pillows for the fire-place cozy. I could feel the weight of firewood in the hand-made log-carrier. I could nearly feel the whoosh of cotton slipping between my fingers as it feeds under the piercing needle, folding and pressing itself, creating neat lines and...


Ahem. Sorry.

Craft porn. It happens.

Anyway, it's an awesome house, which will only get awesomer (awesomer? REALLY MIMI?) when he puts his touches on it all. I predict tikis.

Also, speaking of Kraft Krazy...

I love this so much

Just in case you thought I was the only one.

Actually I haven't been crafting much lately, I've been TOO BUSY, but I have some projects lined up. I was almost thinking no crafting might happen this holiday season, but that was just crazy talk.

It might not be much, it certainly won't be an embroidered Robert Smith pillow, but it'll be something!

Alright...back to my homework.

Monday, November 15, 2010

*tap tap* *tap*

Oh hi! Miss me?

Well, I'm sorry to disappoint but today's post is going to be just as lame as the last one. There's just tooooo much going on.

Too much.

Like moves.

And papers.

And back pain.

And Dead Like Me. (It's been sucking up my evenings - but there were only 2 seasons so that's done.)

But ya know what?

My paper's almost done (I think I'll share it with you).

The move, for better or worse, is almost done...there's another on the horizon, but not for a couple of weeks yet.

Admittedly my back hurting has nothing to do with anything but I'll feel a lot better when it's over. Ug.

So, ya know...

Watch this space!

I can almost hear my mother - WHY, IS IT GOING TO DO A TRICK?!

Well, yes mom it actually is.


I heart Doug Henning. That's all I have to say about that.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Busy Bee

Maybe it's that I've been using up all my writing points on a class, and haven't got anything left.

Maybe I need the forced-topic of daily themes again.

Maybe it's the deep-tissue massage, which has been beating the heck out of my shoulder, making typing difficult.

Maybe it's the fact that despite 2-plus months of leaving the house at 6:45 AM we are *still* not used to it.

Or maybe I'm just pooped.

Any way you put it, I've been a blogging slacker. I hope you understand!

Here's a brief rundown of things that have happened in the last week.
  • The very awesome Formerly Almost Mrs. Dandy is now a mama. And her baby boy is gorgeous NATURALLY (as in "duh" not as in "without surgical enhancement"). And he was born on Halloween, which means he will have the best birthday parties ever, forever.
  • I carved many pumpkins. Only one got smashed (I hate kids who do that), and the pumpkin seeds were fantastic and yummy. My favorite part of the pumpkin, for sure.
  • TR maybe found a house to buy! I'm excited for him, though I wish I could erase the stress factor. Anyone who's bought their first house already (or their second or third) can understand his frayed nerves I'm sure... I remember freaking out mightily the night I made the offer on my little piece of Earth. I don't think I slept for 2 days.
  • We managed to do trick or treating on Halloween despite being stood up. I'm not going to go into it - water under the bridge - but I can tell you that in the future I won't be bending over backward and rushing to accept an invite from the folks in question again. I broke land-speed records racing back from Derby so as not to make our party wait too long for us, only to find out that they had changed their plans and gone earlier, and never let us know. THANKS GUYS.
  • I went in a corn maze. At night. I hate corn mazes - so creepy - but with the added bonus of being the responsible adult in the situation I was unthrilled. But I persevered, limbs all attached and no bites from anything living in the stalks. The things I do for my Kid!
  • I started a new writing project for school, all about how the elderly should get on Facebook for safety and social purposes. Wish me luck! Any ideas?
  • I realized that Thanksgiving is in just over 3 weeks. Holy crap.
What did you do last week?

This weekend I plan on relaxing if at all possible. Right after I'm done with my project. And cleaning. And math homework.

PS...I know it's filleriffic, but this video was too cool not to share.

Happy Wednesday!