Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WTF Wednesday - No Seriously, WTF?!

No you're not hallucinating... there was no Totally Random Tuesday post this week.

I KNOW! Such a slacker. But I'm going to make it up for you today with something that is both incredibly random and deeply, deeply possessed of WTF-edness.

So The Child's uncle Bob has an uncanny knack for finding the strangest stuff on the internet.

Most of the time, it ranges from interesting science facts to weird news blurbs he found on Fark or what have you. A kitten video here, a bit about people who can't drive there.

Sometimes, though...


(Small part of the last 20 seconds or so is adults-only, yet hilarious. FYI.)

At about 1:30, I laughed so hard I almost died. Seriously I started choking. It wasn't pretty.

I think the subtitles give it that extra something special.

Poor, bodiless Quique. But he soldiers ever onward! You can see some of his inspirational photos here.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Catchup: Exploded

As you know, Friday my car was to be fixed.

The A/C would, at last, work properly.

That musty smell emitting from the all-but-rotted cabin filter (a result of the faulty evaporator being replaced) would end.


I got a call at about 4 on Friday... "Ma'am, I'm sorry to tell you we won't be able to get your car back to you today."

"But why? I thought it was just one part."

"Well... um... it's in pieces."


"Yes. But we'll get you a rental!"

The whole reason I stayed home on Friday was to *avoid* getting a rental car. I only like driving a rental when I can get it with my own money and buy their insurance, otherwise I'm driving around wondering when I'll get hit - the result of which would be handing the deductible directly to Enterprise.

Do you have a grand lying around? I don't.

Anyway, so they drove me to the rental place, I got the crappy rental (subsequently exchanged for a less-crappy rental as there was an enormous crack in the windshield we didn't notice until I was 6 miles away, at which point I called frantically proclaiming my innocence... jeez I'm paranoid!), and then I drove to the dealer to get a few things from my car.

I tried to take a picture of the carnage, but it didn't work out. Camera phones + dim mechanic shops = crap photos.

Suffice it to say my glove compartment was on the roof, the stereo was on the trunk, and the steering wheel was on the floor, to name just three of the many, many exploded parts that were carefully arranged hither and yon. It was something like this:

More or less

Glad I'm not paying them by the hour!

I did manage to get out of my funk this weekend (I've been fairly allergy-fied just lately) and get some crafting accomplished... the baskets remain un-photographed, however. Maybe salesmanship isn't for me... I'll get them up eventually, but for right now they're languishing.

I blame Mercury being in retrograde.

I hope you had a great weekend!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thrilling Thursday: The Hell?

So technically, one definition of "thrill" is "terror beyond all comprehension", at least in my personal brain dictionary.

That's all I could think of when I saw this:


That, children, is a "Teeth Mug" (of course it is), and you can buy one of your very own (you sick puppy you) here.

I just really don't have anything left after that, except to tell you that the company that sells that monstrosity is forgiven solely because they also sell neon ninja throwing star magnets and fish pens.


No post tomorrow, as I will *finally* be getting the air conditioner fixed in my car.

Just in time for Fall! Woohoo! *sigh*

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wonder Why Wednesday - Cannibalism For Fun And Profit

So I had this *awesome* post for you guys today.

But the idea came at 3AM, and I didn't write it down, and now I can't remember.


Just as well, it probably involved squirrels or something, dreams are funny like that.

I *have* decided though that rather than offer a less-than-amusing post, (because really if it's not funny...) I'm going to temporarily morph Wonder Why Wednesday into WTF Wednesday. A bit cliche now, I know, but it's more amusing than listening to me go on about how people don't use their heads enough, etc.

As befits the launch of any new theme...

I found a doozy for you.

That baby is so clearly saying WTF it didn't really even require this caption

I looked it up, because of course I did.

You can listen for yourself here, but in case you're afraid (I myself chickened out), here are the lyrics to the titular title track:

I always thought that cows looked prettier in a field
Than on my plate at supper being served up as the meal.
And though I do like hamburger, fried chicken or a steak,
I prefer my chickens cackling to fried, cooked or baked.
I stopped eating animals and I'm glad I finally did;
But I get my protein 'cause I eat kids.

It used to be a problem just eating rice and beans
And I think you probably know exactly what I mean.
And I never really knew if I was eating all I should
But I don't have that problem know and it feels pretty good
I stopped eating animals and I'm glad I finally did;
But I get my protein 'cause I eat kids.

So its goodbye veal marsala, goodbye leg of lamb,
Hello Michael, Sarah, Mark and Pam.
I won't eat chicken and I won't eat a cow;
I don't eat animals, I eat children now.
I stopped eating animals and I'm glad I finally did;
But I get my protein 'cause I eat kids

Is it a plea for vegetarianism? Because if so, he missed the mark.

I did look at a few of his other songs, and though several sound kind of cute ("A Brontosaurus With Bronchitis" and "One Big Happy Family"), there are some titles that make me *really* glad The Kid didn't discover this album as a small child, due to the psychiatric trauma, uncomfortable conversations and Child Services house-calls that would surely have ensued.

I didn't actually read the lyrics to all of these, I'll leave that to you, but sometimes you really can judge a book by its cover...

Or the insane by their song titles.

A Bee Will Sting You
A morality tale, or an early indoctrination into apiphobia?

Don't Leave Me In The House Alone
Guilting working parents is an artform.

Don't Wake Up The Baby Or The Baby Will Get You
Uh, Rosemary? We should talk.

Have A Little Smoke?
It's the scourge of today's youth - smoking, pushy babies.

I Lost My Pants
It happens.

I Used To Have A Sister
Sorcery AND cannibalism. Nicely played, young sir!

Leroy Is A Late Bloomer
I think I met Leroy once.

My Mother Ran Away Today
Be good... OR ELSE.

Oh No, I Like My Sister
Thankfully, not what I thought, but can you blame me?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Totally Random Tuesday: Stuff I Found

Happy Fall!

I can't believe the summer is gone already... but time flies when you're having fun! (And I did this year.)

Today is truly totally random, but only because I'm still a bit over-mellowed from my soaking this weekend, and have teh dumbs.

Enjoy this (it has swears, but it's funny anyway!) which I loved in particular because anything featuring Jamie from Mythbusters is a win, and the following photo which was almost more awesome than I could handle this morning.

I love this so much

Last but not least, go check out Dandy's blog... she's got some awesome videos for the first day of Fall that will have you bundling up and checking for ripe pumpkins before you know it.

Here's my favorite of the three she posted:

Tumbledown Fall Montage from Desi Van Til on Vimeo.

Have a wonderful fall day! Eat an apple, have some cocoa, but for goodness sake don't start with the holiday decor yet. It's too early.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Catchup: Spoiled Pruny

Every have a weekend you didn't want to end any time soon?

It was like that.

Totally relaxing, completely perfect end to end, and exactly the recharge I've been needing.

I took very few photos, mostly because I was busy soaking my head most of the time, but I did get a few for ya.

First there was the hot dog stand - it was on my list of things I'd like to do some day, and TR very patiently turned around and went back. He's so indulgent.

Not pictured: TR being really tolerant of my ridiculous touristy self

He got an awesome smash burger, and I got me a hoddawg. With celery salt. Scoff if you will (you won't if you're from Chicago), but that is what's known as "the shit".

The drive to Pagosa takes about 5 1/2 hours give or take, more if you're with someone with a camera. But the aspens were turning, there were storms everywhere and beautiful clouds from end to end, and though my mind wanders a lot while I look at that kind of thing (who's been been on the land there before and why, where they've gotten themselves to since, what it would be like to fly over the tallest peaks and what I'd find there, etc etc), so does TRs and we swapped stories and listened to funny things on his iPod and were there in no time.

Click me! You won't be sorry.

Wolf Creek Pass is still scary, even if you're not driving. FYI.

Also, have I mentioned how much I love the internet? I mean seriously.

So we get to Pagosa, and did TR get a little crap motel room with a clean bed, a dirty floor, and a heart of gold?

No he did not.

Seriously... this was our view.

One side

T'other side - isn't it a cute town?

Downstairs...*THE* Pagosa Spring, from whence all the pools come. Nobody knows how deep it is, which in equal parts fascinates and terrifies me.

Unbelievable, and so appreciated.

The pools at Pagosa Springs were heavenly - we only went down at night and with cloud cover, so it was always nice and cool out while we were steamin' ourselves silly - occasionally really f'in cold actually, but it was totally fine once you were good and cooked. (TR has that Celtic skin that lobsterfies easily, plus who wants to sit in 105 degree water in the sunshine? Not me.)

There are something like 25 different little pools to visit, one of which involves traversing a walkway that sits *in* the water, where there are koi swimming hither and yon.

Not my photo, but that would be the spot!

Plus, there was a massage at the spa. Of course I didn't take a picture, this is a family show! Suffice it to say that TR got his leg (a bit battered at Le Flambe) tended to nicely, and I got my shoulders melted.

We had a lovely brunch...

Also not my photo, I was too busy eating to wield a camera!

...and excellent barbecue for dinner, at a place I'd been before when visiting Durango and Pagosa Springs a couple of years ago. I remembered them fondly, but of course memories can be faulty and everyone's barbecue tastes are different, and I don't know about you but when I suggest somewhere and it tanks I feel awful.

They didn't disappoint.

ALSO not my photo - it was dark, so I didn't bother trying for a decent picture.

The Kid was at her grandfather's all weekend, hanging with extended family and generally having a nice time, although "Too much college football," she said... "At least if it was the bigger teams I'd have something for my fantasy football league!" Yes, my kid joined a fantasy football team. She is so awesome I can't even stand it.

Last but not least, here's a picture of what I made for TR's birthday... it's Drinky Crow, from the Maakies comic strip. There's a cartoon as well, and it's...


Well, suffice it to say it's on Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network, VERY late at night.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

He loved it! I love when a present scores. It's so selfishly satisfying.

Friday, September 18, 2009

F-Word Friday: Fahrenheit 115

Know what I love?


I know, you're shocked.

So this weekend, the fabulous TR and I will be escaping to Pagosa Springs to go soak in some minerals. I've been to the town before but not to the actual hot springs, so I'm excited! It'll be a nice break from reality, complete with road-tripping (hooray - and there will be pictures I assure you) and hotel-staying (whether it's a Motel 6 or a Hilton, if I don't have to make the bed I'm happy).

To be honest I've never been in *any* hot springs before - I don't get off the farm much - but I've heard it can be just lovely for your bod and just lately I could really use that.

It made me wonder, of course, just what kind of benefits I can look forward to besides the disintegration of my epidermis.

A quick Googling tells me...

European medical doctors have conducted research into thermal therapy, and have found that:
Hydrostatic pressure in the body is increased
  • This results in increased blood circulation and cell oxygenation
    • The elimination systems of the body are thus stimulated, improving the body's capacity to detoxify
  • The body's metabolism is stimulated
    • This results in improved digestion
Great! So I get rid of toxins, and digest that burger a little more efficiently. So far so good.

The caveats, because you knew there would be...

Contraindications to Hot Water Natural Mineral Springs Therapy:

  • Conditions involving high fevers
  • Extreme Hypertension
  • Malignant tumors and cancerous conditions ( internal )
  • Liver, kidney, or circulation disorders
  • Conditions presenting the risk of hemorrhaging
  • Anemic Conditions
  • Pregnancy
  • Congestive heart failure, recent stroke, or recent heart attack
  • Bathing under the influence of drugs or alcohol
At first I thought this was a list of possible side-effects of cooking yourself like a whole fryer, but I don't think that soaking in a hot springs can get you pregnant all on its own. I'm just saying.

Personally I'll be fine, but who knew they were no good for some medical conditions? Pregnancy, obviously, you can't escape the signage at public pools about Hot Water And Your Baby, but there's your public service announcement for today... if you've already got something funky, hot springs are maybe not for you.

I really hope I don't even *once* slip and say "Holy shit that is some HOT WATER!", because I hate being Captain Obvious.

My favorite Google Photos result for "Captain Obvious"

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thrilling Thursday: A Pork Chop In Every Glass

So my friend Roger makes beer, and in fact works at a very popular local microbrewery, Avery Brewing. (If you're ever in Boulder...)

That's him in the middle there, and thanks to his wife for the photo which I totally ganked from Facebook

He also writes.

Two great tastes that go great together, right?

Today's thrill... he got himself published! (Okay it was *yesterday's* thrill, but through the magic of backdating... and they say time travel doesn't exist!)

Dish Magazine, which made me drool with pretty much every page I clicked today, smartly featured him this month.

I'm always thrilled when my friends have fun things happen to them.

Particularly friends who bring me fresh beer...thanks Roger, it's FANTASTIC!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wonder Why Wednesday - Figure It Out

Okay so you know how I work with some of the most moronic smart people ever?

I love them, but they're so dumb sometimes I'm amazed they can find which end of the bed to exit in the morning. Thankfully it's a small percentage of the population here or I'd have run screaming and/or gotten stabby by now.

Well, I would have run screaming/gotten stabby more *often*.

Anyway we have a new system coming up here at my fine place of employment in the next few months. It will accomplish all the usual stuff, but it will look and act differently, and it will involve a little more self-direction than some of the folks here are used to.

They'll have to figure some stuff out. This leads to the obvious question, the one I'm going to be asking myself again and again in the coming changeover.

Why do some smart people have such a hard time figuring things out for themselves?

It drives me nuts.

Is it a lack of self-directed motivational opportunities as children?

Is it a limited amount of space in their heads, wherein a Ph.D. leaves no room for common sense?

Is it just pure laziness?

I hate to think it's the latter, I mean these are scientists for crying out loud. I want to think of them as intelligent but scatter-brained individuals, Doc Brown types who try their best but really do need we happy few who can work a software update to help them find their way.

You can invent time travel, but not fill out a travel voucher? *sigh*

Oh well, I guess I should just be happy with the knowledge that the little cogs of the world are run by you and me, and not them.

Maybe they're *right* to leave this stuff to us.

I still want to send these sometimes, though. I never would, but...


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Totally Random Tuesday: Here, Kitteh Kitteh

Ok you may have had your fill of Lolcats for the century, but you know what?

I have not.

I may not ever.

They always make me smile and laugh (dare I say... out loud?) and yes, I'll admit... I pepper my speech with the occasional "nom" or "i can has"...

So sue me.

(I can has lawyer?)

I challenge you cynics, however, not to at least smile at the following video...

Go ahead, try to keep a straight face.

I dare you.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend Catchup: Birthday Wishes

Okay first off, I have to tell you that it is Ms.-Almost-Mrs. Dandy's birthday (well, yesterday).

Not only is it her birthday it's her 30th birthday. I told her don't even sweat it - I've been 30 for 5 years or so and I still act like a tiny, tiny child so there ya go. Go wish her a Happy Birthday!

Secondly, also in Ms.-Almost-Mrs. Dandy news, look what she sent me for helping her with her cranes of doom:

Is that gorgeous? I'm wearing it right this minute. (Go check out the shop from whence it came, Hawkstone Creations!)

It is, of course, too much for having done so little, not surprising as she is a generous soul. I was delighted.

I love it, and received it on a day when it was gloomy and rainy and it brightened my whole weekend.

It was also TR's birthday on Saturday, so Happy Birthday TR! He had a good one by all accounts, what with seeing U2 in Chicago for the kickoff of their US tour, and staying in a posh hotel room, and eating at Lou Malnati's for dinner.

Mmmm, Lou Malnati's. Did you know that you can have their pizza delivered anywhere, for the low low price of 80.00 plus shipping?

Yeah, it's almost worth it. But now that Rosati's opened near me, I think I'll just stick with them and save Lou's for next time I visit.

Between them, Hackney's, Carson's, Portillo's and the million other stellar only-in-Chicago places to eat that I love there, not the least of which was the plethora of hot dog/hamburger/Greek chicken establishments that pepper the North Side, it's no wonder I weighed 30 pounds more in Chicago!

Indescribable and totally worth the calories. And now I'm hungry.

I can't show you what I made for TR's birthday yet, it's small and silly but I haven't given it to him as yet, but it's really cute and I promise photos next week.

I spent most of the weekend just hanging with my kid, dreaming of pizza and admiring my new necklace. It was lovely and low on stress, and really what more can I ask of my precious few days off than "not filled with upheaval"?

Not much, says I.

I did *not* get anything made for the shop, but I did explore some ideas for cute little things like bookmarks and sleepmasks and other stuff to do with those crazy bowls, and you should be seeing them soon. I know you're waiting with baited breath.

Happy Monday!

Friday, September 11, 2009

F-Word Friday: Fidgety

Help! Help! I'm being repressed!

I'm feeling very tied down this week, a slave to my schedule and responsibilities and lack of funds etc etc ad nauseam.

Because I value you, dear reader, I will not subject you to my whining today, as it involves my personal situation resulting in my being unable to do fun stuff with people and wondering when they'll get bored with my dull, overly-scheduled, broke-ass self.

People have bigger problems, and it just makes me sound Emo.

Instead will leave you with a funny or two, if for no other reason than it will make me feel better.

Have a wonderful weekend! I plan on whipping up some stuff for the Etsy site that doesn't involve clothesline, spending some time with my kid and making pancakes.

You knew that was coming

I heart Hugh Laurie & Stephen Fry equally

Oh my yes... I feel better now. :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thrilling Thursday: Sports!

So The Kid kicked ass at volleyball. (More photos HERE.)

Not only was she cute...


And prepared...

Look at that determination! Just look at it!

She also WENT FOR IT like the badass she is.

So complaining about that hip today.

PS... My title today? Just a random Huey Lewis shout-out.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wonder Why Wednesday - Polling The Masses

Lazy post today... have to leave early for The Child's very first volleyball game, and it's an away game so I have to go way into the country to the school, which looks exactly like her school.

No seriously.

Is it me?

So I've been slaaaavin' away at those bowls and I'm starting to think...

I'm going to have to have different stuff in the Etsy store. I'll just have to. It's boring *me*, imagine how a shopper would feel.

"Oh pretty! Blue bowl!"

"Oh that's neat... another bowl. This one's purple."

"Oh. Wow. Guess what. Only red."

Yeah. You can see it coming.

Maybe I can make bags or something... although they'd end up being pricey. Figure a yard of fabric is $10 (for something nice like they have at the quilt stores), and then labor and making some kind of profit (which is the idea)... they'd have to sell for 20 bucks.

Nobody's going to buy these for 20 bucks.

Sorry for the lack of actual wondering today, although maybe we can consider it a poll...

How much would *you* pay for one of those bags up there? They're lined, have an inner pocket, and range between about 12X15 and 15X15, give or take, depending on the width of the fabric.

No seriously... poll time! I want to see if I should venture into these bags for sale, or stick with things that are cheaper to make, and thus can be sold for less.

Have a lovely Wednesday night - I plan on screaming my head off, cheering on my very cute kid.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekend Catchup: Totally Random Photos!

Okay first up... PLUG ALERT! I've got 3 new baskets up (one regular and two teeny tiny), and 8 or 9 in the works.

Don't you want this? I know you do. Or your friend does.

Due to the holiday, and my crappy home connection, I am combining JUST THIS ONCE (well, just this week anyway) my Weekend Catchup and Totally Random Tuesday.

Good thing, because there are tons of photos to be had.

We had a great weekend! I was immersed in watching the live feed of Burning Man, in particular the Burn itself - what an amazing thing that was. The explosions, the fireworks, the art cars all lit up and parading like bizarre peacocks... plus there was a chat room filled with extremely funny people. Funny-amusing and funny-in-the-head, both of which were equally amusing.

Thanks go to Nova & Kelly for letting me hog their laptop Saturday night!

Also, thanks go to Whoever is in charge of keeping Burners safe, as TR called me when he got in range, and is alive and well and only slightly singed around the edges. Not that I was worried, he knows what he's doing, but you know... it's good to get that all-clear.

On the way home Friday I stopped to take a photo of a new piece of art just installed in the middle of the highway. It's solar-powered, and spins. So cool.

I took my life in my hands for this shot... FOR YOU

Sunday night I had my very own playdate with my friend Nova, who brought pork mole-ay (spelled as such as no accent was available, and "pork mole" sounds disgusting if pronounced as displayed) and home-made tortillas courtesy of her hubby. We played Scrabble (tough board!) and talked about past and present, and generally enjoyed a lovely child-free evening.

The important thing here though is that you realize how much money I saved at King Soopers buying some extra groceries for the evening (it was important we have raspberries and ice cream). I saved more than I spent.

My cheap little heart just about burst with glee

On Monday, The Child & I had fun Geocaching after I picked her up from her friend Maddie's 13th birthday party. We took a VERY long walk around Golden Ponds here in Longmont, and it was a gorgeous day so you know I took pictures.

Golden Pond, with Longs Peak and Twin Sisters behind it... such a pretty shot

A bridge down a path - we wandered over to the top of a man-made waterfall for this; trust me the bridge was prettier

This dragonfly was very patient with me

Also, look at this fantastic card The Kid made for the birthday gift!

Why yes I *do* photograph everything on my kitchen table, why do you ask?

The cupcakes come *out*, and each had a message. So cute. As previously discussed, my child is awesome.

I made something for her friend as well, as I usually do for her birthdays (she's gotten a blanket, a couple of bags - I may be broke but I usually have craft supplies lying around). This year she got an upcycled-bluejeans waistband tricked out with snaps and embroidery. She made a point to show me she was wearing it this morning when I dropped Kid off at school, so I think that means it's a hit!

There was squealing

Last but not least, there is new art on the wall. (For more, see the Flickr stream.)

Friday, September 4, 2009

F-Word Friday: Facepalm

You know when you know an answer, it's right there on the tip of your tongue and you just can't get it off?

I had that last night about a question regarding No Doubt. I knew Gwen Stefani, I knew Tony Kanal, but the other two just wouldn't give it up. It was facepalm-worthy for sure, I mean I was mildly obsessed with them a few years ago, and even knew that the lead guitarist (Tom Dumont), when drunk, inhabits an alter-ego known only as "The Douche", and that the drummer (Adrian Young) is naked most of the time. True story.

It might have been the white-chocolate martini Melissa bought me.

No matter, we still pulled 2nd place at Geeks Who Drink! Go us!

Just once, I'd love to take a photo that doesn't make me look like I'm trying not to projectile vomit

I'm looking forward to a 3-day weekend, although I won't see much of my child, social butterfly that she is, but it's just as well, as it gives me a chance to make more bowls for my Etsy shop.

I've decided what those bowls need are clever names and descriptions to class up my act; it may be boring that all I have right now is 2 bowls, one pink and one blue in some sort of weird baby-themed-only-not-really color scheme, but one now has an Elvis movie title, and the other has a line from a deeply violent movie that I love.

So there.

I'm not sure I should tell people this, but I taught The Child to say "Why do *I* have to be Mr. Pink?" when she was 3.

Have a wonderful weekend, faithful readers, I'll see you Tuesday!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thrilling Thursday: Not All About Me

I am taking this opportunity to plug Pioneer Woman's book, because although I've never met her, I completely love and admire her.

I've mentioned her before... she's the one who got me to cook a chicken, in a pot, and use the stock and everything like an actual cook-type person.

Plus she's a dork, like the rest of us, and isn't afraid to admit it, and in fact revels in that fact.

So I'm plugging her book, because I'm thrilled for her.

Go buy it!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wonder Why Wednesday: There's Always Next Year

People love their sports.

Even those who profess to not care about them, or even claim to hate the very idea of sports, can be spurred to lose their minds about their home town winning whatever championship's season has just ended.

When I was in high school, I abhorred, yet secretly loved, sports. "Jocks," I'd spit contemptuously, sneering through my black kohl eyeliner toward whatever College (TM) yahoo was standing next to me in line for Cubs tickets.

We all play our part, mine was "perky malcontent". Mull that one over a moment and you'll see it fits pretty well.

I'm a complex kinda girl, but you knew that.

Today's Wonder...

Why all the sports nuttery?

I mean, we're talking about a billion-dollar industry here. We pay more to guys who run around bases, who PLAY A GAME for a living, than we do teachers and firemen.

It's sick, really, but we put up with it.

Is it that sports hearken back to our baser need to be better than someone else?

Is it even deeper, a need for war-like behavior in a safe setting? Nobody *likes* war, but we like winning a battle... I mean, what are the yells of cheerleaders if not war-cries?

It's a mystery.

What's even more mysterious is that we still root for our losing teams year after year, showing deep loyalty to our chosen champions, even when they're lovable losers.

I should know, I'm a Cubs fan. (I've adopted the Rockies, but the Cubs will always have my heart.)

Not a Sox fan. They suck.

My friend Christine doesn't believe me that you're either a Cubs fan or a Sox fan, and never both, but that's because she's from the West Side. If she was from the North Side, she'd understand.*

Don't believe me?

Attend a Crosstown Classic game sometime. You'll see.

Not an exaggeration

* The exception to the rule: North Siders who live in Wrigleyville, the neighborhood in which Wrigley Field is located - they hate the Cubs on principle. Imagine if the circus came to your neighborhood on a weekly basis... you'd grow to hate the circus real fast.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Totally Random Tuesday: Well Rounded

Today it's all about The Child.

She does lots of stuff, and I want to celebrate it!

I'm always interested in the things she does, of course, but I was going to post a photo of the board she BROKE IN HALF WITH HER FOOT and decided she needed a post.

She does quilling and makes her own greeting cards. Check out my birthday card from this year!

And of course she paints.

And bakes.

And sews.

Yes, she is a girl's girl.

She even likes makeup now. She has fine taste, which is only fed by her Aunt Melissa's constant spoiling.

Only the best will do


She kicked a board in half. With her foot. First try, and she's never EVER taken karate before.

Holy crap

Why isn't she in karate? Oh yeah. Expensive. Damn.

No matter, she can still kick your ass for you.

Just because she's a master of the domestic arts and likes expensive eyeshadow doesn't mean she can't kill you with her pinky.

Her pinky toe anyway.

She really is a well-rounded girl.

She has purple Converse with neon green laces. She also has high heels with rhinstones.

She listens to bands like Rammstein and Legendary Pink Dots. She also loves Taylor Swift.

She loves Tim Burton and Neil Gaiman.

Like gods unto her

She likes Twilight, too, but not for the Edward/Jacob/Bella thing... no, my girl loves her some Emmett. (The giant, funny, slightly doofy guy who likes to hunt grizzlies.)

She's awesome, in other words.

And cute. I can't wait to see what else she does.