Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wonder Why Wednesday - Common Sense

I need to do more crafts so I have posts for you, don't I!

Well, today I shan't disappoint you... it's Wonder Why Wednesday!

Today's wonder is... where's the common sense?

Working at a University, you'd think I'd just be up to my armpits in people who can not only tell you the square root of pi, but can also balance your checkbook and will almost always have their shoelaces tied.

But you'd be wrong.

I hate to sound cynical (Psych! No I don't!) but it truly seems to me that the more degrees one has, the less common sense seems to be able to keep a toe-hold in the noggin.

I routinely have professors who will come to me, deeply puzzled looks on their faces, and ask "What do I do with this?". "This" might be something as complex as a notice from a supplier of the goods they use stating that there's a change to their policies, or "this" might be something as simple as an invoice.

I really really want to put up a flow chart in my office just for invoices.

Seems more complex than it really is, right? THIS IS HOW THEY SEE THE PROCESS.

These are highly-educated people, ya know? These are highly-paid leaders in their fields! The cream of the crop! The piece de resistance! Or something. Is there just not enough room left in their brains for this kind of stuff?

It's a mystery.

Here's hoping you have a common-sense filled day, full of people who know their asses from their elbows.

Tomorrow... my new cop-out: Thrilling Thursday, wherein I shall post a photo of something that gets the blood racing. It might be a roller coaster! It might be a stunning sunset! It might be Javier Bardem! You never know.

It's my service to you - something to give you a little adrenaline rush and get you through the rest of the week.

You're welcome!

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Dandy said...

OMG so I read this and in my mind I could see the building blocks of the flow chart popping up like on of those cartoons with the bubbles of a characters thoughts. And it had sounds... like in pop-up video. And I love it.