Friday, May 22, 2009

Family Friday: Happy Birthday Mom!

It was always a problem when I was young... my mom's birthday is exactly a week after Mother's Day.

Never one to get all "one present for both" lazy, this meant double shopping and cards... which of course I had fun with and gave me an excuse to hone my shopping skills.

This year she got a coloring book for Mother's Day and I'M NOT TELLING for her birthday, although it's all handmade crap just like when I was 12. Boring, but I know she likes it and that's what counts!

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY! Have fun at the movies and don't let your dogs drool on your cake.

Go to her blog (and enjoy the Pickle Surprise) and leave her notes!

(Because she liked this one best.)

Oh, by the way? I am now the mother of an 8th grader. OMGWTFBBQ.

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Julie said...

Thanks, kid. I guess this means you're not grounded anymore. Love you!!