Friday, May 8, 2009

Family Friday: Mother's Day

Well since I can only tell you so much about my family without having you decide you might need to alert the authorities, I've decided that Family Friday will be dedicated to posting a photo or two with my family *in* it, and then maybe tell you a tale...

But then again, I might just post a photo and let you be confused.

I'm such a bitch.

Happy Friday... and Happy Mother's Day!

Naturally, today's photos are of my mom. What can I say about her that isn't glurgy or obvious? We have a unique relationship, that's for sure... she's definitely the most interesting person I know, and in my adult life I find that I want to be more like her, and have managed so far.

You always hear people saying how they hope they don't turn in to their mothers but in my case? I'm slowly cultivating it, and look forward to the day when I can look around and realize that I'm my mom.

I totally want that shirt.

Our dogs Bobo and Murphy. Bobo was stolen before I really remember him, but Murphy was a big part of my childhood. She'd come clean up crumbs on command, and I still will yell for her when we've made a mess on the floor... it's just habit.

Dressage is one of her favorite things; she's really good at it although she doesn't get to do it much anymore, but she's got a decade and more of knowledge. That's pretty damn cool.

One of my favorite pictures; please to be noting the shawl, which she (of course) knitted her very own self. She's a ridiculously good knitter.

See? (Click em' for more glory. You can also see her stuff on Ravelry if you have an account there, along with some more cute pictures of her, or over on Flickr if you don't!)

She's really cool. If you happen to know her... lucky you!

Happy Mother's Day mom, wish I could be there to have brunch with you.


Julie said...

Again, you're grounded, this time for making me all teary-eyed at work. JK, I love you, too, honey, and like I always say, I wouldn't be the mom I am without the beautiful daughter I have. Thanks for the love letter.

Melissa said...

SOB SOB SOB beautiful dude...i love the pic of your mom holding you - i'm assuming....and then her holding lex.....CRAP...i think i have to go cry now.