Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wonder Why Wednesday - Corporate Masters

It was a holiday Monday, and I have yet to get internet at home. Yesterday was a wash due to the glory of delayed flights, but I managed a basket and even got some of my not-really-a-craft-along bits done.

Didja miss me?

Today's Wonder Why has to do with guilt, namely Corporate America's deep-seated hold over people and their ability to slack successfully. While I'm all for being productive and earning your keep, why did I feel SO guilty yesterday taking the entire day off (unexpectedly, I really was planning on coming in) when my daughter's plane was delayed? I mean I *really* struggled with it!

I called everyone I could think of and even left a voice mail on the personal inbox of my uber-boss, just to be sure my overlords knew I wasn't slacking, and yet still felt like I was doing something bad.

Didn't I *leave* Corporate America behind like 3 years ago? So why am I still so unable to take personal time without involving some kind of self-flagellation?

The easy answer would be "because you have a staggeringly admirable work ethic, Mimi," but we all know where I am when I do my blog. Yeah. And what have I been doing the last half hour? Looking at Michael Ian Black's twitter site and laughing inappropriately. It's probably a good thing that Twitter doesn't seem to function at work as far as having my own or "following" other Twitterers (I refuse to use the term "tweeter" when not referring to stereo equipment), or I'd never get anything done.

Tune in tomorrow for a truly Thrilling Thursday... a half-assed travelogue based entirely around text messages about a trip I'M NOT EVEN ON, but wish I were.

Try to contain your excitement, and while you do, enjoy:

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