Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thrilling Thursday: Crazy Dames!

I used to love paperbacks like this, little story-filled wonders like Ellery Queen and Analog Science Fiction, but you could only find them in used-book bins and the side tables of summer rental cabins, or so I thought... even more thrilling than Ms. Sapphire Strumpet up there is the fact that both these publications are still in print! You truly do learn something every day. But I digress... the ones *I* read were old and falling to pieces.

While I do love that each of their covers smacks of those original 50's pulp magazines, which remains so for EQ and Analog, I don't think I could truly appreciate a brand-spankin'-new edition of any of them if it didn't have the musty odor and crispy, yellowing pages those old volumes possessed.

I wonder if they can synthesize it... the world may never know!

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