Friday, May 9, 2014

Just for me.

Four years ago I made a decision.

I decided I was going to go to college, because my daughter was starting high school and I figured I'd better put my money where my mouth was.

And so I started at Front Range Community College. Not glamorous, but honest work.

In the four years since then I have learned a lot - some I've kept, some I've let go, but all of which enhanced me. I am able to talk about things I never before understood despite having a fairly solid level of intelligence; some things just can't be replaced by experience and must be taught by those who know the subject matter.

And so now I have a love for the Oxford Comma, a new-found respect for Summer Break, a working knowledge of several subjects in small measure, and I know who Kate Chopin was and why that matters.

I also have a daughter who is about to graduate from high school and who did, as hoped, find inspiration in my attempt at college and is on her way to school in the fall. I have a relationship that is going on five good years and looking to last for a long time to come despite our obstacles.

I've traveled in the world and learned what it means to put myself first.

I could go on but it would only be for myself, but isn't that the point?

So now I have a decision to make. Go on or stop here? Both have their strong points and for once I really don't have a true answer that I'm only trying to justify by considering other options. I'll let the fates decide.