Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Catchup: Egyptian Goddesses & Green-Blooded Hobgoblins

I had a busy weekend!

I managed to water the lawn, plant flowers, watch half a series on DVD, spend an enormous amount of time with my kid, cook, clean, do all my laundry AND see Star Trek!

Friday I ended up at my friend Melissa's to watch The Secrets of Isis, this serial show from the 70's she loved as a kid. It was fantastic! The 70's were such a bad time for fashion though... I know we joke about that, but dayum.

Saturday morning I got up and got moving early... maybe thanks to all that Isis-infused energy! I had to get my car to the dealer... only 5,000 miles left on my warranty and the a/c is busted. They got done checking it over pretty quickly (a replacement for a leaky hose needs to be ordered), and I headed over to Lowe's to pick up light bulbs. MY WEEKENDS ARE SO EXCITING.

I got inspired while I was there though, and for the FIRST TIME EVER bought potting soil and flowers to plant. They'll be dead in a week, but still! This is thanks to my mom sending me a lavender plant of my very own which unfortunately arrived half-dead (they're sending a replacement). I finished the job by giving it *too* much sun - my backyard is an inferno, and so ended up with a pretty yellow pot that was probably going to be relegated to the garage for all eternity.

Instead, it now has lovely annuals... I've been told that's the best and least guilt-inducing way to start, since they're going to die anyway. We put some in a pot the kid painted when we first moved out here too... it had been sitting lonely in a cubby for ages and now it's finally getting some use.

Doesn't my front stoop look prettier now? Yes I know the grass needs mowing.

I was so inspired by all my planting that I made an awesome lunch after Colorado Alterna-Dad brought my newly rehabbed computer over (it was a mess). I grilled steaks and then made steak quesadillas.

They were bitchin'.

We went to Nova's for the afternoon and evening, as it was her husband's birthday and they wanted to go see Star Trek, so we sat for their kids. To be honest I thought her daughter was going to have conniptions but she had a grand old time high-fiving us all and running around looking cute. Her son was very cooperative considering he's 4, and helped clean up and keep an eye on his sister. They're both great kids!

Karma loves that wagon.

We stayed for dinner (a lovely roast) and then had to skedaddle... as you can see I'd had a bit of a long day and I was pooped by 8:30! We got home and I promptly fell into a coma. It was great - the first dreamless sleep in a week.

Sunday I was up early, natch, and headed to the grocery store for a few necessaries, then back home to get coffee made. The child wanted to make me breakfast in bed but frankly I don't like breakfast in bed... I spend the whole time worrying I'll upend something or get crumbs (and subsequently ants) in my bed. It's very stressful.

Instead we sat and watched the new movie I got for her (Howl's Moving Castle - she loves her Miyazaki) and she made me eggs and toast. Nice, right? We exchanged cards (some think it's odd but it's a tradition my mom started - I give the kid a gift on Mother's Day because I wouldn't be a mom without her, and I want to thank her for that!) and sat around all morning. Delightful.

Then, thanks to Nova's generosity...


This was as fantastic as I hoped it would be. The casting was great, the action was exciting, there was a ton of humor, there were nods to the old characters without being overly campy... it was, in a word, awesome.

In looking for some pictures to post on my humble blog, I found a great write-up that summed up what I wanted to say about it pretty well without giving anything away... all I can say is if you've ever enjoyed Star Trek at all, you need to go see this, and on the big screen. You won't regret it.

Hells yeah.

Oh, just for posterity's sake, I finally posted a picture of the bunnies from Easter. Took me long enough!

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