Friday, May 29, 2009

Family Friday: She Who Smelt It

I'm getting sea-sick looking at this.

I used to stare at that china cabinet from the dining room table a lot... I wonder where it is now? Hm.

From left to right...
  • My cousin Genni the Lawyer, looking either guilty or like she'd rather be elsewhere.
  • My other cousin Jenny the... well I'm not sure, we lost touch, but she sure looks tickled doesn't she?
  • Yours truly in a bitchin' and very stretchy dress, glasses that covered half my face, and what appears to be a comb-over.
  • My Grandma, looking dishy yet disgusted. It was probably my dress. Or Genni farted. Maybe that's why she looked guilty and Jenny was laughing, who knows? I wouldn't have smelled it, due to those glasses cutting off the circulation to my olfactory nerves.
Happy Friday!

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