Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Catchup: Gravel Makes Me Nervous When There's No Guardrail

You know, it's truly amazing how much you can cram into a weekend if you don't sleep more than a few hours...

If you'll forgive me for a moment, I'm going to sum up the bulk of the weekend in a sort of one-phrase-at-a-time stream of consciousness style.

Remembering how much I love being in the city, whatever city that may be.
Ace parking.
Never-before-seen parts of Denver I've seen before.
Old buildings that you don't see in Naperville.
Birds and squirrels and casement windows and terrifying staircases.
Sexy airplanes I'd love to fly.
Spirit and science.
Orange and tan paws.
Hot carrot cake that almost made me cry.
Near death by gravel and people up to no good.
Time-travel to the English countryside and the Scottish highlands in the space of an hour and a half.
Earl Grey and saltines and a 4 hour time-skip.
The comfort of proximity.
Good timing.
Wishing for better timing - where's that teleporter when you really need it?!
New music. (Do yourself a favor and watch this)
Fog and spring scarves.

Thank you for your indulgence, and now back to your regularly scheduled blathering!

Friday night Melissa came by and we had a low-key evening featuring Mexican food at our favorite place, Benajmin Button (which she hadn't seen before and which I wanted to see again - the story is good, but the cinematography is better), and the first two episodes of True Blood. Not for kids or the squeamish, but definitely addicting. I finished the rest of the 3 discs yesterday and am not-so-patiently awaiting the rest!

Saturday morning Melissa & I went to the Longmont Farmers Market, and I picked up some salad greens and pasta, but I think that I'll be hitting that place weekly for our weeks veggies and stuff as the summer wears on... you actually end up spending less and getting more this way - and bonus, you know exactly where your food is coming from. We also went to Your Butcher Frank and loaded up on meat - for about 40 bucks I got enough meat to last the kid and me through June, with maybe a little supplementing. I'm really enjoying taking control of my food this way; there's less in my fridge but what's there is quality, plus I get to make real use of my Foodsaver so WIN WIN WIN.

Finally, this morning I was listening to a podcast of This American Life, the theme of which was "Return to the Scene of the Crime" (who knew these were online? Probably everyone but it's news to me), and so far in my listening has made me...
  • feel like a curmudgeon (damn kids!)
  • want to smack somebody (how can you hit yourself in your own car with your own car? Nobody knows.)
  • laugh hysterically and rather loudly (Joss Whedon is so clever and fantastic - I need to watch Dr. Horrible again and in particular the commentary!)
  • cry and laugh at the same time with Dan Savage (Savage Love - also not for the squeamish, he doesn't mince words). He drew some parallels to my spiritual upbringing that I never would have imagined in a thousand years, and the laughing/crying jag was when he talked of the death of his mother... really heartbreaking, but important to hear.
All this during my drive to work. I'm pretty sure my fellow commuters thought I was having a nervous breakdown, but that's okay.

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