Friday, June 12, 2009

Family Friday: Men of Action!

I've mentioned that I have 3 uncles (well, 2 uncles and a sort of uncle-brother type creature, but I digress) who all do interesting and varied things with their lives (naturally, they *are* Birrens after all).

Today's their day to look awesome on my blog, because seriously, check these pictures out!

Birren sisters, be assured your day is coming, and it will involve your many, many bad perm decisions.

(Thank you Facebook, my new lazy-post friend.)

Peter hang-gliding. He wrote a book about stars and once brought home carved wooden talismans from Southeast Asia that my aunts all have in their houses to this day.

David channeling Hunter S. Thompson. He had the best collection of Legos I've ever seen (David, not Hunter, although you never know) and is one of the most peaceful people I've ever met.

Don on a bike, though there's a Jeep somewhere nearby I can assure you. He grows his hair out and cuts it off for Locks of Love on a regular basis, has a thing for Frank Zappa, and can clear a room with a mere lift of a butt-cheek. It's an art.


Julie said...

You nailed em all, Jaime...I love my broths.

curegirl0421 said...

I think it's also important to note that in each of these pictures, there is a marked amount of facial hair of a rather glorious nature.