Friday, March 6, 2009

Family Friday: We Are So Totally Famous

But first, the news.

Nobody can pronounce our last name unless they know us. It's a fact that I've learned to accept, but it's also a nice ice-breaker sometimes when you can explain the pronunciation using alcohol and salty snacks. My mom even used that for her very own blog, BirrenPretzels.

(The resurgence of Helen Mirren as a famous individual on this side of the Atlantic has helped a little too...depending on the crowd, I can say "like Helen Mirren with a B" and it solves the issue of spelling and sounding out in one fell swoop. Thanks Helen!)

Birren is also a very uncommon name, so I can guarantee if you've ever met a Birren they're related to me somehow. An ambitious lot, a few of them have even gone on to some fame, and because it seemed like a good idea at the time, I Googled the bejesus out of our family name to see what would come up, and have provided many a link to prove that, at least on the internet, we're damn famous folk.

Oh, and if you are, in fact, a Birren, please feel free to comment with any interesting Birreny tidbits you'd like to share with the world...or rather, the 4 people who read this. Hi mom!
  • My uncle, Peter, who knows so much about stars that he wrote a book about it. We even have one named for the family! Birren1, natch.
  • Jeff Birren, an attorney for the Oakland Raiders. (My cousin Genni is also in the process of becoming a sports attorney. Crazy!)
  • Susan Birren, a neurobiologist in California, and Bruce Birren, a molecular biologist at MIT... hey, I *work* for microbiologists AND I have neurological issues! COINCIDENCE??
Probably. Moving on.
  • This guy, who clearly loves his running shorts, and his lady friend Jenny.
  • Slightly stretching, but a fort in Scotland seems to be awfully famous, although reading the descriptions in various places Google led me had me nearly convinced I had lost all grasp of the English language.
  • In that same vein of making my name and Irish/Scot fetish work for me, there's also The Birren, a road in Ireland not far from the highest pub in Ireland. Many emails have brought me assurance that this has nothing to do with the last name, but I still want to go someday.
Well, I guess that' s enough self-gratifying for one week. Here's hoping you have a lovely weekend full of nice things to eat and pleasant people. I'll be sewing and driving hither and yon, and probably making bacon on Sunday. Yum.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! That's great! Totally love it! I want bacon! Oh, wait, I plan on being hungover. Oh Wait, Bacon is perfect with a hangover!

Julie said...

I laughed many times while reading this, but I must ask...when you say that "please feel free to comment with any interesting Birreny tidbits you'd like to share with the world...or rather, the 4 people who read this. Hi mom!" does that mean I equal 4 people, or maybe there are others out there...just wondering...and hey! thanks for the blog link

curegirl0421 said...

@fairlore - I'd totally bring you bacon, but you're sick and I don't want what you have.

@Julie - You count as 1 person, but I count you several times! We're Chicagoans, we vote early *and* often!