Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thrilling Thursday: I'm Such An Art Hog

The child signed up for a fun project at school; the annual Scholastic Bookfair** is next week (I'm volunteering, as I always do, since it's the one thing I *can* volunteer for that doesn't involve mid-day coffee klatches) and they're looking for a few kids to make posters for the theme, "Lights Camera Bookfair!". There are so many books that have been made into movies from the young adult genre in the past few years that there's an entire section dedicated to it.

So she brought home this big, neat, clean piece of white posterboard, and we started brainstorming. Or rather, I said "I have an idea!" and sketched it out on a piece of scrap paper. She liked it enough that she said "go for it!" and I sketched it on the posterboard. Then I started lining in black permanent marker. Then I started coloring... and then managed to stop *only* because she said "Um I'M supposed to do this poster!" I am an ART HOG.

I reigned it in, and it came out well!

I think I just miss doing art... I used to be pretty good at that drawing stuff, so when I get to flex those almost-forgotten muscles now and again, I get a little carried away.

This is the second time this has happened (the first being a painted poster of the Amazon rain forest that I totally took over and painted myself - it wasn't for a grade, but still), and I don't know whether the kid *likes* that I seem to take over, or secretly hates it and will require therapy later. Hm.

** Oh I loved those so much when I was a kid - the sight of all those unopened boxes packed full of new books would set my heart aflutter. Even the little slip they'd send home once a month where you could pick books would thrill me; it was one of my favorite things about the kid's grade school years, I got to play with that again! I mean, come ON! Books! For you! Delivered TO YOUR CLASSROOM! *swoon* I think that's why I spend so much damn money at Amazon...for the thrill of that clean, neat Amazon box waiting for me at home, filled with plastic-wrapped books, brand new and just for me! NERD!

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Julie said...

I used to loved going through the Scholastic catalog with you - and hated that I had to make you pick out "only" 10 or 12 books at a time (sometimes the budget only allowed 5 - what a bummer!) so I have fond memories, too. And NICE POSTER!