Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Catchup: Monday Megrims

No this is not a new theme. (You're welcome.)

I'm having troubling plumbing issues (three words: POSSIBLE TREE ROOTS), which are going to require expensive professionals, which means the trip I had planned for The Kid's Spring Break may be off. I do realize that people are out there, jobless, totally destitute, and I have absolutely *no* right bitching because wah wah I can't go on vacation, but I was really looking forward to going home for a bit and if I can't, well...

I won't die, but I'll be sad.

Things to cheer myself up:

* This tshirt.

* I am now halfway through Medium on Guitar Hero. My lovely child had to get me through the challenges, but I ROCKED Black Magic Woman!

* I still have a job, for which I'm entirely grateful.

* I have lots of lovely friends who won't be mad if I can't come, just sad they can't see me... and isn't that nice?

* I lost 5 pounds.

Wish me luck!!

1 comment:

ledwards said...

Well, I hope you guys can make it, if you cannot I totally understand..tree roots..sounds like a big old mess!