Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fairy Girl

My daughter is adorable, I have to brag. She's tall and gorgeous and about to be 13 this Saturday, which makes me sad and proud at the same time.

Being that I raised her right, this past Halloween she chose not to dress like a hoor, but still wanted to be cute, so we opted for a fairy costume. Green was her favorite color at the time (ah, fickle youth), so we thought a forest fairy would be cute!

Happily, she was able to use this twice, for Halloween (natch) and also for Mile Hi Con 40. She looked very cute and got many compliments.

The pattern used was by Simplicity (here it is!), and I learned a lot, like how slippery fabrics are slippery, and how netting is a pain in the ass. But it looked cute when it was done!

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