Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thrilling Thursday: Let's Talk About Me For A Change

Finny posted an interview about herself, with custom questions posed by a fellow blogger, and offered to interview any who would not be embarrassed to answer questions about themselves that she decided to ask. Having almost no sense of shame whatsoever, and also being rather fond of doling out personal information, I bit and she sent me some fun questions. (Her original post is here.)

If you would like me to interview *you*, just leave me a comment! Then you can post the questions and answers on your very own blog (no editing the questions!) and pass it along if you like.

What's the stupidest/lamest/worst gift you've ever received?

I truly do try to appreciate gifts, even bad ones, if they're given with thought and love. However, if the gift is clearly an afterthought, an "oh shit" gift if you will, it irks me. Vexes me, even. I'd be much happier not getting anything.

So, worst gift... my engagement ring. Shocking! Happily, I'm not married to him anymore, although I really did try to make it work. I knew, though, knew right from the moment he popped that ring box open, that it was probably going to end in some sort of trainwreck or other.

I wasn't ungrateful (to his face), and I wasn't even necessarily displeased, but it was ugly, and didn't fit, and GOLD. First of all, I don't wear gold. Ever. I own no gold of any kind, I don't even think I own anything yellow! But it was thoughtless not because of my gold-hating ways, but because he put no thought into what I might have liked. I would have been happy with a nice sterling silver ring, maybe with an amethyst set in somewhere. Maybe a little celtic engraving or something.

When we split up, I pawned that thing so fast I think I set off a sonic boom.

If you could undo one shitty thing you've done in your life, what would it be?

Oh there are so many. Honestly, I've been a pretty good person most of my life, but I've also been an asshole many, many times as well. I am also, it should be said, a bit of a pleaser, so my definition of shitty may be a bit different than the next person. I feel badly being late for dinner, ya know?

I think I would really like to undo all the many times I have yelled at my daughter for no reason whatsoever. She has often borne the brunt of my exhaustion and frustration in life, as many children of single parents have done before her, and it's never been something I would think of as fair. She's made of pretty tough stuff, I've always made sure to apologize and explain myself, and I don't think my bitchiness and uncalled-for freakouts have scarred her (too much), but it doesn't make me feel any better about it. I wish she hadn't ever had to witness my unhingedness.

If you could be The Best at anything - ANYTHING - what would it be?

Wow, this is a tough one... One thing only? I'm such an overachiever, if I could be The Best, I'd want to be The Best cook, quilter, sewer, car mechanic, American French-Speaker and so on and so forth...

I think I'll have to play this like I would the 3 wishes I'd get from a genie... they're tricky, but it can be done right with you word it just so!

And so, I would like to be The Best at poker. I want to be able to win every time, make buttloads of money, squirrel it all away and then go to school and classes for ever (in my life of leisure) to become The Best at everything else.

Sneaky! And Greedy! I'm a double-threat.

Would you rather be hotter or smarter?

Well if the question is would I like to be hotter or smarter than I am *right now*, I'd say hotter. I'll be honest! I'm pretty smart as it is (a braggart! A greedy, sneaky braggart! How can you stand me), but I'd like to have my 20 year old skin back. And the boobs, too.

However, if I had to choose whether to be hot or smart in general? Smart, every time.

What celebs are on your "Free Sex List"? You know, the list of celebrities with whom, given the unlikely opportunity, you could engage intimately without any negative relationship consequences. Like, you can get with them and your husband/BF/SO can't get pissed.

First, I would like to give a virtual hug to Finny for her use of "with whom", because I'm a slut for grammar.

Okay, this is an easy one (and thanks for saving it for last!)... I've included links for your viewing pleasure.

Yeah, alright, they're for *my* viewing pleasure, but I'll share! Not so greedy *now* am I!

Clive Owen (because OMFG)
Johnny Depp (now, not then - too pretty then)
John Cusack (hello Lloyd Dobbler!)
Hugh Jackman (but only if he dresses up like Wolverine... don't judge!)
Nathan Fillon (Captain Tightpants, oh I mean Mal on Firefly)
Adam Baldwin (as Jayne Cobb on Firefly - I am such a nerd for that show!)
Jay (Jason) Hawes (the guy from Ghost Hunters... no really!)
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (shut up, you would too)

And finally (avert your eyes mom), I'd like to request a Supernatural Sammich - Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki, in the back of that sweet, sweet car.

(I would have included Joaquin Phoneix, but he's kind scaring me right now.)


FinnyKnits said...

Yay! Grammar sluts unite! I mean, yes, I make up a lot of words, but prepositions at the end of a sentence? NO. So, thank you for making me feel like less of a loser for that.

Also, The Rock? AWESOME. He's on my list, too. He's just so silly that I love him. Also, well, he's hot.

Yay. Thanks for being a great interviewee!

Julie said...

Thanks for making me laugh. Again. And the Rock? Even your mother would do the Rock (and I know whereof I speak).

Love, your mother