Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Catchup: Yuck

Well, I guess the beauty part of a brand new blog that nobody's reading regularly yet is that when you're sick, nobody misses ya!

I got a killer cold over the weekend...just in time for my daughter's 13th birthday, hooray! We did everything as scheduled, to wild success, and I just medicated the bejesus out of myself. Hooray for Robitussin.

Managed to make it to my neice's 1st bday party (I wasn't contagious by then, and anyway I got it from their family so the point was moot), and the dress I made was a success! It's such a vain thing, crafting for others...I really do enjoy the accolades. Is it wrong to feel that way, if 90% of the intent is the joy of the recipient, and 10% is pride of product? Hm.

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