Tuesday, February 3, 2009


You know I read all these blogs, and I always see people on the more popular ones screeching FIRST! at the top of their virtual lungs. Yes I realize this is probably not a new thing, but nobody will read this anyway, so I can be as behind the times as I want and YOU CAN'T STOP ME.

Anyway, in obtaining a pattern for my latest obsession, I asked if the creator of the pattern might like to see what it looked like when it was done, and lo she said "Sure, send me a link to your blog." And it occurred to me that not only didn't I have one, I could see no reason not to.

So here it is! Hope you enjoy. It's basically a vanity project to show off my sewing and other crafty projects, and probably to bitch about stuff, because I'm a big whiner.

Things of note:

A) The name. Mimi Rickets is *not* proof I stalk Mimi Smartypants, though I love her so, but rather a nickname my mom gave me when I was little. I'm still not sure why, but there it is... my usual moniker seemed to be taken, probably by me at some point and now I can't get in and change. Oh well!

B) This is mostly for vanity. I like to take pictures of the stuff I make, and since Ravelry is just for knitting and crochet, rather than having them just languish out there on Webshots I'll use some space to detail and post photos of stuff I do. Ya know, for posterity.

C) You'll probably see a whole mess of posts dated within a couple of days... I'm going to be converging things from elsewhere on the web into here. Just in case you were wondering.

PS, if you *are* checking this out, please do check out the links! There is some very funny stuff, including the ridiculously funny Mimi Smartypants and the enviably skilled Finny Knits, as well as some of my favorite online comics and blogs, all of which (and now including this) keep me from doing other, probably more productive, things. I'll add more as I think of them, so you can procrastinate too!


Julie said...

Hi Mimi! Like you have time for this. I'm gonna go now and read all of your posts (late for the party as usual)

Julie said...

OK, I just spent a half hour reading your posts...love it...and someday I will know how to make things like this. See? Fooled ya! I simply can't figure out how to post a link other than the whole damn url.