Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dragons and Green Men

While traveling with her mother, my friend Nova found these wonderful patterns for a dragon and a green man. There were completed versions for sale for $100 or so, but the patterns were only $10.

Nova has a, how shall I put this, over-inflated view of my skills. As in, she thinks I can do *anything*, and occasionally will put forth a project idea that almost melts my brain. This time however, I went for the challenge and did something I had never done before... sculpted cloth dolls.

These patterns were created by the extremely talented DeRue Johnson, who undercharges for her completed creations. Seriously.

The dragon was made for my daughter, who loves it to this day. I made a second which I sold in an art auction at Mile Hi Con in Denver, in October 2008 (per the ok on her pattern).

The Green Man was a favorite, and while he took forever to make and I swore NEVER AGAIN pretty much the whole time, I would make him again just to have the end result. He currently lives in Streator, IL with Nova's parents.


Dandy said...

That dragon is awesome!

Oh but the green man is amazing. I can't imagine what it takes to make those things!

curegirl0421 said...

Time. And valium. :)

Elisha Berry said...

I just found one at a local estate sale! Has the tags and papers from 1989! Mint condition! I'm in love however my kids are too old so I am listing it on eBay. My store name is 24HourEstateSale check it out soon!