Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Finally Learned To Quilt

I always wanted to learn to quilt, but as I've said before, I have problems learning stuff that I can't understand from the start. It's a thing I have. Quilting always seemed to be fairly straightforward, but it was the *binding* that threw me!

One night walking along Main Street in lovely downtown Longmont, CO, my daughter & I stumbled across The Quilters Studio, a lovely shop that has classes. They happened to be having something called the Witches Workshop, wherein for 50 bucks and fabric they would teach us paper piecing (which just soothes my OCD heart in so many ways) as well as show us some basics like how to do binding and not have it be crappy.

We signed up, and had lots of fun shopping for fall and Halloween themed quilt fabric in little bits as we waited for the day to arrive. The day itself proved to be rainy and cold (perfect for an 8 hour sewing marathon), and the owner of the shop had lunch all made and ready for us at noon, which rocked. I was able to do most of mine that day, The Kid's took a little longer (I'm a fast learner), and we ended up coming back a week or so later for one of their "sweat shops" (once a month from 5 til midnight) to learn binding and finish up.

All in all it was a fun thing to learn, and I feel very accomplished now that I get binding (although I still can't get that neat little diagonal join down... I've been winging it), and most of all it was a really nice thing for the kid and me to do together. I really love the shop itself, too, it's very welcoming and I hope to go again!

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