Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Love Bag

I love this bag pattern. I have made so many of these it's not even funny, and the more I make the faster they go. The hardest part, honestly, is the handle (all that ironing and folding). I have altered the bags a little, sometimes making the handles longer or shorter depending on the need, sometimes boxing the bottom, sometimes adding a pocket. Really, these are so easy. Go make one!

For Halloween this year, for my daughter and her best buddy and her best buddy's 2 little sisters, I used up some old yards of Halloween fabric (bought for a stuffed cat project that ended up being too goofy looking to exist) and made trick or treat bags! They came out very cute, and the girls all loved them. I (of course) made my girl's extra-special, because I love her so. (She got a pocket).

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