Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Totally Random Tuesday: And Now, The News: February 26, 1987

But first, because I'm an attention whore, lookit what I made last night (poorly, but not bad for a first attempt):

Next time I'll go twice around the handles, which I will also MARK SPOTS FOR so they don't look so wonky, but I was doing it from memory and forgot. I wish you could see this fabric up close, it's so cute! (Well you can see it a *little* closer anyway...click the pictures.) It's got darker purple moons. It was leftover from the Halloween wall quilt.

Also, I want to note that I LOVE Food Savers. I borrowed my Colorado Alternadad's and it ROCKS.

Anyway, back to today's subject.

My friend Melissa gave me a whole bunch of glasses that were sitting around her house. I lacked wine glasses, and she wanted to get rid of these, so everybody wins!

The box sat in my trunk for a month (don't ask, because I don't know), but finally in my caffeine-induced frenzy Sunday I pulled it out and started going through it.

As I began to unwrap the glasses, I glanced at the date on the newspaper in which they were wrapped, and was delighted to see they were from February 26, 1987. I was in 7th grade, and pretty much oblivious to the world if it didn't directly pertain to my personal drama at the time, as is the case with most 12 year olds, so I don't really remember much of what was going down at the time, like Reagan and the Iran Contra thing. I just remember really loving the Beastie Boys, and listening to License to Ill really loud with my friend Dawn.

It seems like so long ago but really... just 22 years. Doesn't sound like that long a time, does it?

(I want to note that I was also a little saddened, because it was a Rocky Mountain News edition, and they happen to have just gone out of business a week or so ago after being open 150 years, and after much struggling to stay open. It was really pretty awful to watch.)

Anyway, here are some really truly awesome things that were in that paper:
Biorhythms. Almost as good as horoscopes!
  • Marmaduke and Ziggy. I don't really need to say more about that do I?
  • The puzzle pages had Scrabble in them. Scrabble!
  • You could buy a 77 Rabbit for 1K. Sweet.
  • You could, as one ad told me, also buy a Polaroid Spectra for under $100. Such a deal.
  • While CDs were starting to get popular, DVDs weren't invented yet. You could, however, get a fancy home VHS machine for $400 at Fred Schmid Appliances in Denver. (He was bought out by Fretter, Inc. in 1991. Alas.)
  • In entertainment news, Jerry Hall & Mick Jagger were getting married, and Sammy Davis Jr. and Scatman Crothers were getting inducted into the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame.
  • Rich fans of Lawrence Welk could purchase his new Polka Party CD, and did... however, due to a mix-up in the Japanese factory, some poor unsuspecting women accidentally found themselves listening to the soundtrack to Sid and Nancy. No really! My favorite line was "We wonder if any Sid Vicious fans got Lawrence Welk and were equally shocked." Somehow I doubt that anyone in 87 with a thing for Sid Vicious probably could afford more than a mix tape with "My Way" and "God Save The Queen" dubbed on. I'm just saying. (Click the picture to read it bigger, unless you have perfect vision in which case lucky you!)

    What do *you* remember from 1987? Your bad perm? Mourning the loss of Wham! and Prince & The Revolution? Rocking some neon rubber bracelets? You know you loved em'.

    Chris said...

    1987... the year I graduated high-school and started college. I believe denim mini-skirts were all the rage. I had permed but short hair hanging over one-eye (sort of Wendy from the Revolution; or like the INXS guy who killed himself ... alas).

    I got screwed out of my prom dress... had it on layaway at Contempo and sometime between putting it on layaway and making the final payment, they replaced it with another color of the same style. HATED IT!!! I still get angry about it today. Someone intentionally switched out my dress. And I kick myself because I had the money to pay it in full when I bought it... but it just sounded like so much that I put it on layaway. I still think about that dress-that-almost-was... it was green velvety (kind of a washed out antiquey green) in a very medieval looking style. Oh... it would have been so good. - And to add insult to injury... my dad went to make my last payment and pickup the dress because I was sick.. so he didn't know they had switched the dress on me. Then when I went back to return it, THEY WOULD NOT GIVE THE MONEY BACK THAT MY DAD HAD JUST PAID LIKE AN HOUR EARLIER. EVEN THOUGH THEY SWITCHED MY DRESS. They made me wait 2 weeks to get a check in the mail. GRRRRRR Contempo!

    Oops, sorry. Yeah 1987.

    curegirl0421 said...

    And Contempo Casuals went out of business... COINCIDENCE?!