Friday, March 13, 2009

Mmm, Steak

I know I said I wasn't going to post, but I just had to share two things.

Thing One:

As predicted, my careful waiting gained me a bitchin' deal on Priceline. Seriously, next time you're planning a trip, try it for a couple of weeks and eventually... voila!!! I did pay a *little* more than for the place in Iowa, but only by 10 dollars.

Check it out! It even got good reviews on, and you know everyone on there tells it like it is.

Do you think I should charge them for plugging their site?

Anyway, now I'm feeling great about the trip, the planning for getting there and back is all settled (even if I didn't really want to spend 120 bucks on hotels, it's worth it to be safe), and now I just need to start making lists of other stuff.

Thing Two:

I cooked an awesome dinner last night, not from-scratch really but definitely away from the norm. We had French Onion soup, with some fresh french bread and I pan-grilled two petite sirloin steaks** in some olive oil and seasonings. We sliced up the steak, folded it in the bread and dipped in the soup. YUM. I think, despite it being mostly store-bought, that it gets points for originality at least! I have to give half that credit to the kid though... I made the steaks without anyone telling me how to, and they *were* perfect, but she totally came up with the idea of French Dip. I feel secure about her future as a college girl now; I know she won't settle for Ramen.

** I bought the steaks in 4 packs at Albertsons the other day... 3 packs for the price of 1 OMFG. I used the miraculous Food Saver to split them all into packs of 2 for us, and now we have steaks! I think maybe I'll try that steak salad finally!


Nicole said...

Hey Jaime!!
Long time no hear, it's Nicole Peralta, from LKM. I got your info from your mom's email. Cooking now, HUH? Good job, and steaks are the hardest food to get just right! I'm proud of you. And how is your lovely daughter?? I know she is still as geogeous and talented as ever. Please email me when you have a chance at Tell your mom I miss her so!!

curegirl0421 said...

Yay! Nicole! I emailed you.