Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Travel Post the Third - Monday

First thing Monday morning is often an unpleasant little blip in the week, however when you're on vacation? Lovely feeling.

We got up and headed to my aunt Susie's for breakfast; we had been thinking of going out but her work required her to have proximity to her computer (stupid jobs!) so instead her husband Chris, the cook of cooks, decided "Oh, we'll just make a little breakfast here," which means that (given that Chris is the product of an immense Italian family) we were in for a feast that would put any restaurant to shame.

The kid helped him at the store and with cooking, which was very funny because she got all fancy with the napkins again, and we sat down to enjoy a seriously delicious meal of coffee, OJ, a cheese-asparagus-scallop-shrimp-mushroom (I picked those out, no shock to anyone there) fritatta, hash browns, sausage and cinnamon rolls.


We relaxed awhile, then headed out to see their camper, which is permanently settled in a campground not far from their house. All the trailers there have little porches attached, and some look like teeny houses, it's really amazing what they've done since the Winnebago!

Back at Carolyn's, we got ready to go and headed down to my friend Lisa's, where we'd be having dinner with her, along with her husband and son and Kevin (winner of the Model Man Award). We stopped at Edwardo's and picked up our favorite stuffed pizza, and a good time was had by all. Lisa & Carolyn cooked up a birthday cake surprise for me which was wonderful, Kevin kicked our asses at Trivial Pursuit, and the kid and I both received lovely birthday gifts from him... I told you, he's awesome!

Truly a lovely day... and off to the museums on Tuesday!

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Julie said...

Love the pics - I recognized the Bob Chin's Crabhouse cups, too. I have only one left, and that one has had all the fishies and everything warshed off.