Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wonder Why Wednesday - Happiness

Well hi there!

I had a bad day yesterday, but not as bad as lots of people, so I won't bitch about it.

Today's going to be short and sweet... and it's dedicated to being happy!

So often we find ourselves down and out, and who could blame us? There's no wonder-why there... the news alone is enough to make us want to crawl in a hole somewhere and wait for it all to blow over. Not to mention our personal problems, which yes yes we should be more world-aware and not get so caught up and remember to count our blessings and stuff, but someone once said the reason our problems seem more important than anyone else's is that they're OUR problems.

Having said that though... we really *do* need to take a step back sometimes and realize how lucky we really are. Pollyanna? Sure. But it's true... and we should try to remember that. It doesn't mean you can't whine, just keep it in the back of your head somewhere, and before you go to sleep at night, give it a second thought.

Here's some stuff to make you happy today:

  • You're alive.
  • You are sitting at a computer on the internet, which means you're either employed safely enough to slack at work, employed/doing well enough to afford the internet at home, or possessed of your faculties enough to be able to get to your local library.
  • The Good News Network. No this isn't a religious site, rather a site dedicated to finding and reporting all the good that exists in the world. It's actually a pay site, but you can get the headlines free, and it's cheap!
  • And some more.
  • I Can Haz Cheeseburger. Now yes, I know, you tired of that LOLcat speak awhile ago, but I challenge you not to laugh at least once, or at least smile!
  • Unless you hate cats, in which case, here.
  • Every TV Intro Ever. Total time suck. Enjoy!
I am *particularly* happy because last night, I finished the last of the Africa Quilts. THANK GOODNESS. (Oh I made another basket, too. Shut up!)

Funny story, that woman actually made a point to come BACK to the teacher last week and tell her about how oh wait, she found the quilt, it got sent to her mom in New York for her mom's dog... we're not holding our collective breath, and the teacher made a point to say "Well we already re-did it."... I hope the woman felt like a jerk, but I doubt it.


Anyway here it is (pre-quilting and binding)! I of COURSE forgot to photograph it when it was actually done... imagine, if you will, a lovely blue binding that you can barely see, and a nice wavy white line traversing the longer bits of sashing, all horizontal-like. The kids did a great job re-doing their squares, although the teacher had to do a few. I'm sure she shares my fervent joy at this being over with.

Have a wonderful afternoon!

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Julie said...

That quilt is beautiful!!!