Monday, March 30, 2009

Travel Post the Second - Not-So-Manic Sunday

Well, after waking up to this:

...there was no way in hell I was driving up north to Wisconsin. It was really a bummer because although my sister will be coming down this way instead, and that was fine, we weren't able to go see my daughter's great-grandmother and grandmother (they are mother and daughter); it's rare that we see them and we really won't have another chance to get up that way this week.

We ended up just having a calm day yesterday. I got another round done on the craft-a-long afghan I'm doing with my mom, we watched a movie and shoveled snow and went to the store to buy pizza makings. Carolyn makes her own pizza dough, something I can not accomplish AT ALL, so this was awesome!

Alas, I was mentally exhausted and forgot to take pictures, but trust me they were pretty.

It was SO HARD to relax. This was the driving theme for the day. I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm usually doing something, and probably two or three somethings all at the same time. Sitting? Watching TV as more than just the evening wind-down (which usually means I'm sewing something or cleaning too)? Nearly impossible.

I felt much more productive after the store run though, I peeled garlic for about an hour (3 heads! THREE! Glorious.) and helped with some of the rest of the meal, and did a little kitchen-cleanup midway through the process.

Also, the sun came out... I needed that.


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