Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Catchup - Coffee Works!

So I have this favorite coffee. It's totally not gourmet and comes in little pre-portioned packets (say that three times fast), which I love because I always measure too much or too little when I'm pouring from the bag.

Anyway I hadn't had this coffee in awhile, but during a grocery run on Saturday I found some, and so of course had to buy my favorite (the Cinnamon Crumb Cake flavor - truly awesome).

Sunday morning, I made some, and drank THE WHOLE ENTIRE POT. I never do this, I at *most* will maybe have a cup or two of coffee every week, and if I make a pot I will throw most of it out.

The upside to this (besides cleaning out my system good - yay diuretics) was that I got a veritable assload of stuff done yesterday, including but not limited to:

  • 4 loads of laundry, including delicates, including folding AND putting away.
  • Finally put the glasses Melissa gave me away, and waded through and jotted ideas about the paper it was wrapped in (a post for tomorrow - February 1987 here we come!)
  • Made this chicken casserole, which was awesome, except I left out the pimentos because eew.
  • Made 3 bags for The Kid because she loves them.
Plus I went to the grocery store, cared for my sick kid, cleaned the cat box, swept the kitchen, cleaned the trunk of my car, and started a new book.

Yay caffeine! It's funny, it never used to work for me, but then I stopped drinking it all the time. Et voila!


Julie said...

I didn't click, I promise.

Anonymous said...

I SO have a birthday coming and I SO love your bags! hint hint hint Girl you are the new speed freak of Boulder County! I haven't done that much in the last year!!