Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Catchup - Pot Roast and Baskets and Snooze, Oh My!

Ah, a lovely weekend. The weather was fine, my head didn't hurt, and I ate pot roast with the girl and her buddy, who stayed over on Friday:

Pot Roast with red potatoes. Aren't they pretty?

And this was for breakfast, and much appreciated by the children:

They totally thought I was nuts when I ran for the camera, but it just looked so yummy!

I also made this for my boss:

On request, for her "French Pink bathroom". The beads are cuter in person, and add a little je ne sais quoi, non?

I also exercised, cleaned my house, and took a nap. How much more can you ask from a weekend?

My mom had a better weekend, though, she went to Phoenix to see the Chihuly exhibit (he's awesome), and took many many many pictures, but this one's my favorite, despite it featuring no glass art whatsoever. I told her she should make notecards out of it. Don't you agree? (Side note - I went to her blog, and she totally posted the same pic as her fave. It's like we're related.)

So pretty!