Thursday, April 2, 2009

Travel Post the Fourth - Tuesday & Wednesday

Would that technically be Travel Posts the Fourth and Fifth? Nobody knows.

So! Tuesday!

We went to the Field Museum and the Art Institute of Chicago. Both were glorious and wonderful and magical and fantastic, and were made all that much more better by the additions of Carolyn, her niece Jessica, and of course Man Award Winner Kevin (should I call him MAWK?).

There are so many pictures that I have not actually gone through them all, over 300 at first count. Be sure to set aside a bajillion minutes because I got a picture (dimmish but viewable) of each and every one of the Thorne Miniature Rooms, my very favorite thing there. YES!

Other photos of the Field Museum and the Art Institute... click em'!

Wednesday was delightful and relaxed; we took off (just the kid and I) and grabbed a little breakfast, went to McCrae Farms (where the kid used to take lessons thanks to a trade agreement - sounds so involved, doesn't it? - with the owner/trainer), then headed into the city to have lunch with a couple of high school friends of mine, Leila & Atoya. We went to Cafe 28, a Cuban-Mexican place, which was SO AWESOME and reasonably priced as well! Score! We had Cuban sandwiches and these awesome chicken quesadillas, plus some kind of hot chocolate pudding, which Leila & I made short work of. Yum.

After that we headed back to The Auld Sod (aka Skokie, IL) to knock around a bit while we waited for school to get out (alas, the Spring Breaks did not align). We were able to stop and say hello to a couple of the kid's old school chums (who were also my former Girl Scouts), Sinead and Jodie. It was really nice to see them both, but it never fails to amaze me that they just keep GROWING!

Finally, we made our way over to some old friends of ours (Annette, her hubby Curt and their son Troyer, to whom The Child is betrothed whether she likes it or not), and had a lovely time having Hecky's for dinner (because you know I love me some BBQ), catching up, then sleeping like little tiny rocks in their guest room; they were very nice to have us for the night and it's a real good thing they were already ready for us, because by the time dinner was done I was exhausted!!

Today we're going to enjoy some lovely breakfast with these fine folks, then it's off to do some more visitin'... Yay vacation!

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