Friday, April 10, 2009

Family Friday - Grandparents Make The World Go Round

Okay, so she's going. On the big expensive trip to Washington and NY. Why?


The child decided she really wants to go, and although I still really REALLY don't agree that the price is right or that they should offer this kind of thing without making it available (or at least offering fundraising opportunities), it *is* a trip of a lifetime, quite possibly the only time she'll ever see these places, and she wants to go not because her best buddy is going (well not *all* because of that), but because she really wants to see the things in person that she's heard about on the news and in history, like the Hiroshima Museum (she studied that in Social Studies) and the Vietnam War Memorial (Colorado Alternadad is a Vietnam vet).

So I told her, if she wants to go... it's up to her to ask the grandparents. I can kick in a little, but she had to be willing to give up Christmas & birthday gifts for at least a year and all those other little extras, and explain why she wants to go, etc. Plus... chores. Many chores. I don't want her feeling like these things are just being *handed* to her... she has to work at least a little bit, and part of that work was to cowboy up and ask.

She was nervous, she didn't want to make those phone calls, but I told her, the worst that happens is that they'll say "I'm sorry honey but no", and she'll be out exactly nothing. But what if they *can* help? Then she's got this awesome trip to go on. Lucky for her, both grandparents were willing, and so despite my lingering ick about the way it was done, she's going next year!

Pretty cool.

So yeah... Family Friday's subject is grandparents, and all I'm a-gonna say is that they rock, and the kid is lucky to have them.

Thanks guys!


Julie said...

It's not hard to say yes to Lexie. She is a great kid and I'm happy to help, and of course she'll still get birthday and xmas gifts (but don't tell her)

curegirl0421 said...

She is a great kid; she doesn't ask much of the world really. Thanks again though, it means a lot to her! She's really excited!