Friday, April 3, 2009

Travel Post the Fifth - Thursday

Thursday was lovely! After having some breakfast and hanging with Annette & Curt & Rex the Wonder Dog (Troyer left for school), we headed out to the rest of our day.

We stopped by Fannie May because our asses aren't huge enough. I thoroughly enjoyed their new policy of giving samples, although it means we now have all this candy we haven't eaten yet! We'll get over it I'm sure hahaha.

We met Catherine, Maggie & Hannah for lunch and hanging out after. Maggie rides a unicycle, is almost a registered-weapon type black belt and is 11. (I feel under-achievery now.) Hannah is 5 and a bad-ass. Seriously! Catherine was having a tough day, so I'm glad we could talk awhile.

After heading back to Carolyn's for some Chinese food and hanging with her and her family and Kevin, I got our laundry done, packed up the car and... well, blogged about Thursday and uploaded pictures and balanced my check book and now I'm pooped.

Off to bed!

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