Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Catchup: Slowly Pulling Out Of The Funk

I really don't know what my problem is just lately, but it seems like I'm maybe possibly pulling out of my craft funk and getting back to business. I managed to make myself cut bag handles and strips for a bowl this weekend in between napping like a lazyass (I've decided to blame the weather, which has been gloomy and crappy), and I felt a little more like myself.

My sewing machine has yet to move, however.

I'm in *such* a craft funk that another one of my half-finished crafts has gone missing... the not-ugly bag made for my mom! I know it's somewhere, but it's not where I left it. I've had this happen before, too, I started this gorgeous green skinny cabled scarf and it just... disappeared. I never took it out of the house, and yet it's nowhere.

Frickin' gremlins.

Anyway, since my Craft Crazy has been on the fritz of late, I thought I'd share a couple of my favorite fellow crafters with you. They make my normal frenzies look pretty tame.

Case in point, She Fights Like A Girl. She even *knows* she's got the crazy, she says it in her blog profile.

Her latest bit of insanity is the embroidered Houdini portrait in miniature. It took her 80 hours, and was made for Teller (of Penn & Teller, who I love). That's dedication.

Another crazy woman who I follow blindly is The Crafty Chica. She's done so much she's got her own product line, all of which I wish to own. She posts something EVERY SINGLE DAY, sometimes multiple times a day. She even did a 24 crafts in 24 hours post for Earth Day, with recycled/upcycled crafts. That's amazing!

Then there's the guy who posts bizarre pictures. Where he finds these, I have no idea, but there they are anyway. It's not necessarily a craft, but it's an art form!

So yeah, it's not just me. In case you were wondering.

I'm going to go peruse their sites now, because I need inspiration. Probably coffee too.

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

Mahalo for some inspiration darling! I have been hankerin to do something creative/artistic---actually a gnawing urge--but have been laying on my side rather than sitting on my ass for 9 weeks due to a couple bizzare surgeries. Finally fit for future fixins.

curegirl0421 said...

That *must* be Shelly! :) Hope you're feeling better soon! Thanks for the good wishes, I'm going to drag out the sewing machine tonight and hope my mojo starts workin' again.

Chris said...

I almost forgot about your blog for the past week or so (you know... obsessed with finishing the Twiglight books)... Craft Funk?!?! What ever will become of my pot-holders to be?

Jaime said...

Chris, you'll be happy to know that the fabric is cut and merely awaits sewing.

I was going to write "sew-age" like "link-age", but it just looks like "sewage", and that's gross.

Chris said...

No thank you... I've had enough sewage issues! =P