Friday, June 26, 2009

Family Friday: The Roaring Sixties (Also Panic! On A Thursday)

This group knew how to party, you just know it.

Pictured are my grandmother (bottom left) and her various siblings and their various spouses, plus my grandmother's dad and step-mother Elsie... most are gone now, but none are forgotten.

So yesterday, I just have to share... I had a terrible panic attack. I get them sometimes, they're horrible and debilitating and painful and make me think I'm going to die, to to the point where I start writing wills and goodbyes and letting key members of my friends and family know that just in case... Terrible!

When I first started getting them I actually went to the hospital a few times, sure I was having a heart attack, but nothing at all was wrong with me...just an adrenaline rush, which brings on hyperventilation (not as dramatic as you'd think), and finally over-oxygenation of the blood which causes you to think you're about to buy it.

They are thankfully rare for me, and I've learned how to control my breathing and mentally calm myself, but man I could really do without them.

I'm not sure what brought this one on, I don't have anything in particular on my mind (you'd know, because I love sharing!) but I seem to be okay today; no caffeine for me though I desperately want coffee and I took a vow to avoid decaf long ago... it just seems like cheating. I was also going to call Verizon today and bitch some more about their stupid policy, but I think I'll give my poor bod a rest from stressing until next week, because clearly I was overloaded this week.

I plan on this weekend being full of sewing and crochet and movies and riding my exercise bike and reading. Maybe I'll give myself a pedicure.

I definitely won't be watching regular TV, at least not news shows, because frankly Michael Jackson, at least the one I loved and admired, has been gone a long time now - I mourned him years ago. I hope he's found some peace at last.

Special thanks to TR for unwittingly talking me down last night...calm is a good thing and he's got it by the truck-load.

Usually I do too, and can usually use it on myself, but sometimes I need to outsource.

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Yarni Gras! said...

omgosh! Your grandparents are in my parents picture! haha! I used to be the salve girl who cleaned up everything the next morning....the booze, the ashtrays.....ugh! ha!
Thanks for the laugh!