Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Catchup: I See London

The local Girl Scout day camp, at which The Child and friends had been helping this last week, had their week-ending camp-out Friday night. It poured buckets at about 3:30 PM, followed closely by blinding sunlight at about 3:45 (ah, Colorado... so fickle), but that bit of rain really put the girls off their excitement about sleeping outside on a mountain.

So The Girl and her friend called me saying they'd maybe changed their minds and could they sleep at our house instead?

Did I rush up to rescue them? Not even. I made them stay, with the promise that if it rained *again* I'd come up... I mean, what kind of Girl Scouts are they anyway?

Doesn't that sound all "tough love" and stuff? "Wow!" you're saying. "She's *such* a good parent, getting her kid to stick with her plans! Her daughter will absolutely thank her for this as an adult!"

I hate to derail the train, but I had dinner plans I didn't want to break. Is that wrong?

(Just so you don't think me a total monster, I had looked at the weather and it was predicted to be totally clear and gorgeous. I imparted this knowledge to the girls so they wouldn't worry...and I would've gotten them if it had started up again. Whaddaya take me for?!)

Dinner was great. I used a gift certificate and went to Tortuga here in Longmont with Melissa to have my favorite Mojo-style chicken and a Mojito. I am nothing if not a creature of habit...I get a version of this pretty much every time I go there, which isn't often so I want to be sure I get something I like, right? Right?

What do you mean by "rut", exactly?

After dinner, Melissa & I played Rock Band at her pad. Spurred by our earlier pogo-ing (well, bouncing on our toes - we're not young anymore!) before dinner to the Ramones Greatest Hits, we decided on a 5-song "punk" set. I use quotes there because it was not so much "punk" as it was just loud, but I don't hold a grudge. It was fun playing "Bad Reputation" (the one actualy punk song in the set), especially since it was quickly followed by "Alive", a song not really known for it's speedy jams... I sort of felt like I was on Quaaludes after having killed on the Joan Jett number seconds before, but that just added to the fun!

Then we watched this. My advice is that unless you're looking for something bizarre to watch just because, you know, you like watching strange movies with songs about evisceration that have nothing to do with life in general (and love Anthony Steward Head, like I do), and/or gore makes you queasy, avoid this one.

If, however, you have a burning desire to see Carmen the girl-child from the Spy Kids series bald and gothy and Paris Hilton's face slide right off at one point, check it out!

Saturday was a bit of a long day; I spent the morning and early afternoon helping Colorado Alterna-Dad move his ailing wife from one facility to another. Thankfully, she is (hopefully) unaware of her surroundings and pretty much sleeps 22 hours a day, because the indignities of her sickness are staggering. The place isn't bad or anything, but I have to tell you that "Please God quick and in my sleep" was flowing from my mind in a whisper pretty much the whole time we were there. I never want my daughter to see me like that, or be a burden on my family in any way.

Wow, I sure know how to start Monday off with the joy and happy don't I?!

The rest of the afternoon was much more calm (and really, that's all we can do with situations like these... keep moving and try to find a little joy).

I grabbed The Kid and we headed up to Greeley to see Nova & Family. Nova & I headed to her favorite nail place for pedicures (thanks Nov, I owe you). Her pedicurist was hysterical, Vietnamese by way of South Bend, IN, and had a biting wit that kept us laughing the whole time. We had lovely barbeque again and were going to go for a cider, but The Kid was tired and grossed out by her night away from home and really just wanted her own bed. Can't say I blame her.

Sunday we didn't actually move from the house until Melissa showed up to take us to Dairy Queen... she surprised us, in the best way of course, but it was lucky it was she who The Kid let in the house while I was in the shortest nightie ever, and not some girlfriend of hers! Sheesh.

And that of course brings us to today's title... not only did I get caught standing with my undies showing in my kitchen by a friend, I also made my own.

This was such a fun project! I deconstructed a pair that I didn't want (obviously - I wasn't going to sew them back together!) to make a pattern, then used an old nightgown to make a mock-up. I think I need to make them a little higher up the waist, but all in all this was pretty easy to do once I worked the kinks out of the pattern. All I need to do is add elastic to the legs and waist.

Once I make a proper pair, I'll post a picture...well not like *that* obviously! This is a family show! Besides, there are only a select few who get to see me in my knickers.

I also had fun yesterday with an old, ugly sweater... it's now a bag. That I *will* post a photo of (as soon as the straps are done) because it came out wonderfully, although it left many many bits of itself all over the house. (Note to self: Don't use fair isle sweaters for this anymore, unless you have a giant sticky roller on hand!)

Lastly, I'm getting started on a new project with Craft Hope tonight - baby blankets that will go to India! Awesome! If you have time to whip up a couple of blankets or some booties and beanies, they could use them. You just have to get them to Atlanta by July 25; let me know if you'd like the info, or visit them by clicking the purty picture.

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