Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wonder Why Wednesday - Pity Party

Before I get all wonder-like today, I would like to report that I got through exactly half of The Big Lebowski yesterday before falling asleep (through no fault of the movie - it was late!), but so far it's pretty funny. Not for the kids, this one, but funny!

John Goodman has never been hotter.

Moving on to today's Wonder Why, I'll warn you that it will *sound* like whining and self-pity, but it is in fact careful introspection. No, really!

Why is it I can't just win the lottery already?

It's really sad that a phone bill that magically jumps by 150.00 completely derails me for an entire month. (Thanks, Verizon, for keeping me informed of your policies about old and new plans and their relation to picture messages and airtime usage, by the way... super helpful.) My budget is already so tight I can practically hear my debit card scream every time I have to use it.

I'm not greedy, I don't need to win a million bucks, but couldn't I just have a small break from penny-pinchin' for awhile?


Hm. (Reads back.)

I really ought to get myself some Brie, because I always like a little cheese with my WHINE!

To make myself feel better, it's time for one of my favorite words... PERSPECTIVE. Because it's all about perspective, isn't it? Yes, yes, I'm totally broke all the time and we all know it, but do I have a roof over my head? A car to drive? Some way in which to fund gas for said car? Food to eat, no matter how dull and spaghetti-filled?

Yes I do.

Do I live in a war-torn or impoverished country where I fear to go outside or let my daughter out of my sight?

No I do not.

Granted, as someone sage once said, "What makes our problems more important than someone else's is that they're *ours*". (I'm paraphrasing.) This is true, but when I really step back and look... I'm fine.

So maybe I oughta just quit my bitching, eh?

Hope you're having a wonderful week... check back tomorrow for an awesome photo that made me laugh.


Chris said...

That *sage* was Ally McBeal.

curegirl0421 said...

Heh, I must have heard it from you then... I never watched that show!