Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Catchup: Sunshine and Sewing

How I managed to get anything done this weekend between dusting the tops of doors and wishing I was in Florida I'll *never* know, but get it done I did... 2 purses, 2 oven mitts, several million (okay, 4) recycled flowers, burnt music (sounds bad, doesn't it?), a Summer Solstice activity, a clean house including dusting the blinds, and *still* managing to read for 2 hours... I think I hit a wormhole in there somewhere.

Friday night was spent with The Kid, watching Nim's Island (yawn, alas), getting everything together for Saturday's Solstice fun, and being overcome with crafty inspiration. I finally finished making the set of potholders and 2 purses I had all cut out and ready to go about 2 weeks ago... et voila!

You might remember this from the Skulls & Penguins version; these two are *also* for The Kid, who is a purse junkie. Good thing she has me! No pockets this time, but I did see a version on the Flickr pool for these that had a *zippered* pocket, and so now I have to make more. Guess what you're getting for Christmas, girls! You can't ever have enough bags, so sayeth me.

No pictures of the oven mitts... they still lack binding.

Saturday morning I was up early (of *course* I was, don't you know me at *all*?) and ripping music to my computer for The Kid's Zune. Amongst other things, she now has *all* Coldplay ever, plus the awesome Kid Beyond CD she fell in love with during one of the many really loud rotations it enjoyed in my car over the last couple of weeks.

Since my computer is super slow when it comes to this stuff (someday I'll have a zippy hard drive but it's not necessary at the moment, what with my lack of internet), I decided to organize my office while the CDs were loading. In so doing I found a bunch of magazines, and was about to recycle them when I remembered I had seen this project last week and thought it was really pretty... turns out it's super addicting too. The Child is now addicted as well so they're breeding like tribbles. What we'll actually do with them, I have no idea, but they're sure lovely!

If you know someone who's getting married, pass this project on to them... those bridal magazines that are no doubt languishing in a trunk somewhere, the victims of an overzealous planning fit, could be made into some seriously cool table decor.

The sun-catcher project went over really well, with several adults and kids whiling away 2 or so happy hours "playing beads" as I like to say. We made sun-catchers with the approximately 1 trillion beads I have lying around my house, the end results of my brief foray into craft fairs. (NEVER AGAIN.)

While on our trip to Tucson, I had seen something similar hanging in several windows in Bisbee and knew that I could recreate them fairly easily, what with my plethora of beading supplies, and I knew we had Solstice coming up, so yay for inspiration!

Yeah you can barely see it, I know, but trust me, it's cute. This picture is mostly about what I see on my commute in the morning, heading west on Arapahoe in Boulder. Just sharing.

I'll get better pictures, I promise, and ones that don't involve me taking my life into my hands while driving, although to be fair it was a red light and I was doing 2 miles an hour, and I'm an *excellent* driver. So there.

We finished up fairly early Saturday, I think we were home by 9. We of *course* brought a spare child home with us, since The Kid makes friends wherever she goes, and they were up til all hours playing Wii and watching movies and being good while I slept the sleep of the crafty in the other room. Lovely!

After a trip to the park Sunday morning with The Kid and her buddy (unsuccessful kite flying ensued), we took Colorado Alterna-Dad out for ice cream for Father's Day and then went home and cleaned house; I would have made him dinner or something, but he already had tickets to see Eric Clapton. Lucky! Instead I made chicken (from Frank's... you truly can taste the difference between theirs and big-chain groceries) and watched Becoming Jane, a semi-true story of Jane Austen, which was lovely but a little sad. I like happy endings... but then so did she, even if she never got one herself.

On top of all that, my house is super clean now, at least until the next project works its way into my head and I mess up the living room again... hopefully it won't involve glitter.

Oh, and my cat is adorable. I'm just saying.


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