Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wonder Why Wednesday - Patience Is A Virtue

Why, hello! Welcome to Mimi's Bad Poetry Corner!

"Why do you do this to us, Mimi?" you ask. "Please, stop the madness!"

Well, on second though I guess it is *kinda* much for a Wednesday morning, so I'll spare you. If you want to read it, let me know and I'll email you - but I can almost hear the crickets from here.

Instead I'll stick with the usual, although I'm a bit pensive this morning so our Wonder Why today is a bit more ponderous than normal.

The question for the day...

Why can't we be patient?

Why is it that we so often feel we must have everything *right now*, from super-speedy internet service while flying to a destination thousands of miles away in hours (too long even then) to an immediate resolution to a question we've got rolling in our collective head?

In particular, I think romance (for lack of a better word) suffers from this need for speed. I wonder (as I so often do) if our culture and current media are to blame for that one, with all it's perfected artifice and 2-hour films that seem to wrap everything up quickly and cleanly with nobody mentally maimed (at least not permanently) in the end. Or maybe it's the overabundance of instant accessibility... texting, email, even Facebook updates and their subsequent comments which seem to be the new way to communicate. That kind of immediacy has become *so* ingrained that now we want an instant answer to everything, from the mundane to the complex. We want to know the answer now - yes or no? Will it work? What's on your mind? Facebook update please.

But some things have to progress at their own pace. Push it and you might lose what you were hoping for altogether. Isn't it better to just wait awhile?

And so I'm taking that to heart... I'm learning to practice peaceful patience and just enjoy the little moments of happiness I'm allotted and be grateful for them, and not question things quite so much. It's good for the soul.

Tomorrow, I promise another Princess Pantha cheesecake thrill for your Thursday enjoyment, just to make today's introspection up to you. You're welcome!

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