Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wonder Why Wednesday - Polling The Masses

Lazy post today... have to leave early for The Child's very first volleyball game, and it's an away game so I have to go way into the country to the school, which looks exactly like her school.

No seriously.

Is it me?

So I've been slaaaavin' away at those bowls and I'm starting to think...

I'm going to have to have different stuff in the Etsy store. I'll just have to. It's boring *me*, imagine how a shopper would feel.

"Oh pretty! Blue bowl!"

"Oh that's neat... another bowl. This one's purple."

"Oh. Wow. Guess what. Only red."

Yeah. You can see it coming.

Maybe I can make bags or something... although they'd end up being pricey. Figure a yard of fabric is $10 (for something nice like they have at the quilt stores), and then labor and making some kind of profit (which is the idea)... they'd have to sell for 20 bucks.

Nobody's going to buy these for 20 bucks.

Sorry for the lack of actual wondering today, although maybe we can consider it a poll...

How much would *you* pay for one of those bags up there? They're lined, have an inner pocket, and range between about 12X15 and 15X15, give or take, depending on the width of the fabric.

No seriously... poll time! I want to see if I should venture into these bags for sale, or stick with things that are cheaper to make, and thus can be sold for less.

Have a lovely Wednesday night - I plan on screaming my head off, cheering on my very cute kid.


Julie said...

I love your bags (I have enough of them), and if I had to pay for one I would happily pay $20 for a lined bag, with pocket.

Ruth Covington said...

Honestly, I don't think $20 is out of line for the bags. The folks who generally purchase this sort of thing realize that there are material costs as well as time, effort, and skill that go into creating and crafting and are willing to pay for that.