Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekend Catchup: Totally Random Photos!

Okay first up... PLUG ALERT! I've got 3 new baskets up (one regular and two teeny tiny), and 8 or 9 in the works.

Don't you want this? I know you do. Or your friend does.

Due to the holiday, and my crappy home connection, I am combining JUST THIS ONCE (well, just this week anyway) my Weekend Catchup and Totally Random Tuesday.

Good thing, because there are tons of photos to be had.

We had a great weekend! I was immersed in watching the live feed of Burning Man, in particular the Burn itself - what an amazing thing that was. The explosions, the fireworks, the art cars all lit up and parading like bizarre peacocks... plus there was a chat room filled with extremely funny people. Funny-amusing and funny-in-the-head, both of which were equally amusing.

Thanks go to Nova & Kelly for letting me hog their laptop Saturday night!

Also, thanks go to Whoever is in charge of keeping Burners safe, as TR called me when he got in range, and is alive and well and only slightly singed around the edges. Not that I was worried, he knows what he's doing, but you know... it's good to get that all-clear.

On the way home Friday I stopped to take a photo of a new piece of art just installed in the middle of the highway. It's solar-powered, and spins. So cool.

I took my life in my hands for this shot... FOR YOU

Sunday night I had my very own playdate with my friend Nova, who brought pork mole-ay (spelled as such as no accent was available, and "pork mole" sounds disgusting if pronounced as displayed) and home-made tortillas courtesy of her hubby. We played Scrabble (tough board!) and talked about past and present, and generally enjoyed a lovely child-free evening.

The important thing here though is that you realize how much money I saved at King Soopers buying some extra groceries for the evening (it was important we have raspberries and ice cream). I saved more than I spent.

My cheap little heart just about burst with glee

On Monday, The Child & I had fun Geocaching after I picked her up from her friend Maddie's 13th birthday party. We took a VERY long walk around Golden Ponds here in Longmont, and it was a gorgeous day so you know I took pictures.

Golden Pond, with Longs Peak and Twin Sisters behind it... such a pretty shot

A bridge down a path - we wandered over to the top of a man-made waterfall for this; trust me the bridge was prettier

This dragonfly was very patient with me

Also, look at this fantastic card The Kid made for the birthday gift!

Why yes I *do* photograph everything on my kitchen table, why do you ask?

The cupcakes come *out*, and each had a message. So cute. As previously discussed, my child is awesome.

I made something for her friend as well, as I usually do for her birthdays (she's gotten a blanket, a couple of bags - I may be broke but I usually have craft supplies lying around). This year she got an upcycled-bluejeans waistband tricked out with snaps and embroidery. She made a point to show me she was wearing it this morning when I dropped Kid off at school, so I think that means it's a hit!

There was squealing

Last but not least, there is new art on the wall. (For more, see the Flickr stream.)


Elle Bee said...

Hey! It's been a while since I've visited you--why is that and WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!!
That cupcake card was super adorable! And so clever to the way they came out of their cups.
Beautiful pictures of Golden Ponds.
Oh, and I too get extremely giddy about the "you saved $xx" on my grocery receipt! Ahh..I'm easily pleased!

Dandy said...

Here we go.. that freeway shot of the thingy is awesome, I really appreciate you putting yourself out there for my viewing pleasure.

Pork Mole is disturbing and it will be the only thing I think of whenever I see that for the rest of my life.

I have never, ever saved more than I spent.

Geocaching sounds awesome, I'm way out of the loop and can't wait to find out more.

The golden pond picture should be framed and on your wall and the dragon fly is awesome.

Oh and Rodrigo y Gabriella have a new CD releasing this week, I think.

curegirl0421 said...

@ Elle - I'm so glad I'm not alone. :)

@ Dandy - Ooooh! Rodrigy y Gabriella! I loooove them. You definitely need to check out Geoecaching, with all your out-and-aboutedness with B, I bet you two would LOVE it.