Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thrilling Thursday: A Pork Chop In Every Glass

So my friend Roger makes beer, and in fact works at a very popular local microbrewery, Avery Brewing. (If you're ever in Boulder...)

That's him in the middle there, and thanks to his wife for the photo which I totally ganked from Facebook

He also writes.

Two great tastes that go great together, right?

Today's thrill... he got himself published! (Okay it was *yesterday's* thrill, but through the magic of backdating... and they say time travel doesn't exist!)

Dish Magazine, which made me drool with pretty much every page I clicked today, smartly featured him this month.

I'm always thrilled when my friends have fun things happen to them.

Particularly friends who bring me fresh beer...thanks Roger, it's FANTASTIC!

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Dandy said...

Oh B and I were just brewing beer last night!

I'm off to go check out those links..