Friday, September 18, 2009

F-Word Friday: Fahrenheit 115

Know what I love?


I know, you're shocked.

So this weekend, the fabulous TR and I will be escaping to Pagosa Springs to go soak in some minerals. I've been to the town before but not to the actual hot springs, so I'm excited! It'll be a nice break from reality, complete with road-tripping (hooray - and there will be pictures I assure you) and hotel-staying (whether it's a Motel 6 or a Hilton, if I don't have to make the bed I'm happy).

To be honest I've never been in *any* hot springs before - I don't get off the farm much - but I've heard it can be just lovely for your bod and just lately I could really use that.

It made me wonder, of course, just what kind of benefits I can look forward to besides the disintegration of my epidermis.

A quick Googling tells me...

European medical doctors have conducted research into thermal therapy, and have found that:
Hydrostatic pressure in the body is increased
  • This results in increased blood circulation and cell oxygenation
    • The elimination systems of the body are thus stimulated, improving the body's capacity to detoxify
  • The body's metabolism is stimulated
    • This results in improved digestion
Great! So I get rid of toxins, and digest that burger a little more efficiently. So far so good.

The caveats, because you knew there would be...

Contraindications to Hot Water Natural Mineral Springs Therapy:

  • Conditions involving high fevers
  • Extreme Hypertension
  • Malignant tumors and cancerous conditions ( internal )
  • Liver, kidney, or circulation disorders
  • Conditions presenting the risk of hemorrhaging
  • Anemic Conditions
  • Pregnancy
  • Congestive heart failure, recent stroke, or recent heart attack
  • Bathing under the influence of drugs or alcohol
At first I thought this was a list of possible side-effects of cooking yourself like a whole fryer, but I don't think that soaking in a hot springs can get you pregnant all on its own. I'm just saying.

Personally I'll be fine, but who knew they were no good for some medical conditions? Pregnancy, obviously, you can't escape the signage at public pools about Hot Water And Your Baby, but there's your public service announcement for today... if you've already got something funky, hot springs are maybe not for you.

I really hope I don't even *once* slip and say "Holy shit that is some HOT WATER!", because I hate being Captain Obvious.

My favorite Google Photos result for "Captain Obvious"

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Elle Bee said...

Have fun at the hot springs! Sounds very relaxing and thank goodness it doesn't make one pregnant. he he he. Oh my gosh, I about fell out of my chair laughing about "yep, it's wood". AHA!! HAHAH!!