Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Totally Random Tuesday: Well Rounded

Today it's all about The Child.

She does lots of stuff, and I want to celebrate it!

I'm always interested in the things she does, of course, but I was going to post a photo of the board she BROKE IN HALF WITH HER FOOT and decided she needed a post.

She does quilling and makes her own greeting cards. Check out my birthday card from this year!

And of course she paints.

And bakes.

And sews.

Yes, she is a girl's girl.

She even likes makeup now. She has fine taste, which is only fed by her Aunt Melissa's constant spoiling.

Only the best will do


She kicked a board in half. With her foot. First try, and she's never EVER taken karate before.

Holy crap

Why isn't she in karate? Oh yeah. Expensive. Damn.

No matter, she can still kick your ass for you.

Just because she's a master of the domestic arts and likes expensive eyeshadow doesn't mean she can't kill you with her pinky.

Her pinky toe anyway.

She really is a well-rounded girl.

She has purple Converse with neon green laces. She also has high heels with rhinstones.

She listens to bands like Rammstein and Legendary Pink Dots. She also loves Taylor Swift.

She loves Tim Burton and Neil Gaiman.

Like gods unto her

She likes Twilight, too, but not for the Edward/Jacob/Bella thing... no, my girl loves her some Emmett. (The giant, funny, slightly doofy guy who likes to hunt grizzlies.)

She's awesome, in other words.

And cute. I can't wait to see what else she does.


Dandy said...

I LOVE your daughter!!

I just love her!

I love that she is into so many different things. She is such an individual. Please don't let he kill me with her pinky toe.

curegirl0421 said...

Yeah she's pretty damn cool.

She only uses her powers for good, though, no worries. :)

Julie said...

Lexie has left bruises on me with her pinky toe.