Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Catchup: Fire, Pipes and Righteous Knickers

Friday night we last-minute decided to go to Festival On Main, a Longmont street fair The Child and I normally attend but I was dragging my feet about this year. We ended up going thanks to her buddy's prodding. "It's TRADITION!" she shouted.

Of course the tradition is that we all go *together* but they ended up hanging with their friends and I stood there like a dope.


That's okay, though, it just meant that I could stand and admire the fire dancers whilst eating Indian food. For at least the last 3 years (I say that because that's as long as I've been going, haha) Festival on Main has featured a troop of fire dancers called Burning Hot Lava!! - no website that I can find, but if you click the name you can see photos. (You can see some video here and here, too. Go watch!)

This year they also had a quartet of drums and pipes as accompaniment on a couple of numbers, so you know I was in heaven - fire *and* piping? Yes please!

And did I remember my camera? No I did not. *sigh*

Oh, and guess where the fire dancers were headed the next morning... and if you said "Poughkeepsie, NY" you are incorrect!

Saturday and Sunday were pretty laid back - I made 2 new pairs of knickers, a mock-up of a bag my mom was looking for, got a bunch of errands done - the usual this and that.

What, you don't make underwear in *your* free time?

One was made with an Old Navy Halloween t-shirt with "Transylvania Blood Drive" as the theme... Halloween undies are hard to come by.

The other used my concert t-shirt from the Penn & Teller show I went to with my mom many moons ago, and I *totally* want to send a photo of them to Penn & Teller, because I can almost guarantee nobody else has these.

Bad photo, I know... stupid lighting!

Oh, and The Kid got the Converse sneakers she's been dying to get - two pairs, yet - thanks to her Aunt Melissa, who spoils her rotten.

Lucky girl!

Did YOUR weekend involve bagpipes? I sincerely hope so. But just in case...

Just gives me chills.

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Julie said...

You know you come by your love of drums and pipes naturally. Looking forward to seeing the P& T undies. Remember, you were so tickled that when you went up to see Penn in the contortionist box, you said, "Oh my God" and Penn said to you, "There is no God". That show was great!