Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Catchup - Back At It

Okay so first...


You know those baskets I like making? I decided to try selling them on Etsy... I figured it was worth a shot and if nobody buys one then I'm out a buck and have 5 lovely holiday gifts all ready to go.

Tell your friends!

Hypnotoad commands you to buy this... or at least to admire it and boost my ego, because you know it's so deflated

So! The weekend!

Friday night was fun, I got to pretend to be young. There's nothing quite like driving toward a city full of lights, it really reminds me how much I love it...

A lovely evening was spent with TR helping (a grand term - more like decoratively lounging) as he continued to get ready for Le Flambe Grande. (Bad French accent optional.)

There's so much to do for this, it's unbelievable... water, food, clothing, music, GETTING THERE...

Just crazy.

I totally want to go. Have I mentioned this a time or two? It's possible I have.

I did *not* get a picture of his awesome home-made speaker, which is unfortunate, but I did get to hear it in action - totally killer. It's made with an empty water-service jug (I don't know what else you'd call that) with a speaker stuck on one end - completely creative and if you've ever stuck your head next to a big empty plastic jug and given it a good thwack (you know, like you do) you'll know how it can carry sound.

Try it! You know you want to.

We also went for a lovely dinner where I got carded (for real, too, not just in that "we card everyone" way - I loved our waiter), and I had a delicious burger and a big fat Mojito which loosened my tongue.

Damned rum... I'm sure I got loud.

Saturday and Sunday ended up being pretty laid back. I managed to watch 6 episodes of Dollhouse (it was hot out and I have a/c) and does it ever kick ass! I had watched the first 4 or 5 and was with everyone else thinking maybe this wasn't going to work out, but Joss kept telling us... Wait for it! Wait for it! Stick with it through episode 6!

I did and I ended up exclaiming with glee about the surprises and twists he threw out there... no really, I did - The Child rolled her eyes and everything!

He's a genius. I always had faith.

Sunday I finished up making 90 little tiny golden origami cranes that will hopefully be disguised among all the far superior versions no doubt being crafted even now by Ms. Dandy and her friends. They aren't *that* bad, but making the beaks on tiny, tiny gold foil 10 degree angles is easier said than done.

They started taking over, too. Look what they did to my cats!

First they lull you into a sense of complacency...


I hope you had a lovely weekend... best of luck to TR on his journey into the dust!


planetjune said...

Funny - I just got up to Dollhouse ep 6 this week too! Really looking forward to watching the rest now :)

Dandy said...

I so want to go to Burning Man! All of my friends went when we were in college but I couldn't make it.

You are a SAINT an ANGEL and incredibly speedy. You folded more in a week then I did in a month.

Julie said...

Dandy, you have learned this about my daughter. She is POSSESSED (when she wants to be)!

curegirl0421 said...

@ June - OMG Ep 7 is HILARIOUS and telling, you will enjoy it immensely.

@ Dandy - And I'm happy to do another pack if you'd like, and I'm planning on going in 2 years if at all possible (next year will be the start of freshman year for The Child, can't be away for that) so PERHAPS WE SHOULD PLAN. :)

@ Mom - You know me so well! hahaha