Friday, August 28, 2009

F-Word Friday: FIRST!


Geeks Who Drink Trivia.

Guess who's team got first place?
(And I will unabashedly admit I sat and refreshed the blog every 5 minutes until our post came up this morning. Attention whore, that's me.)

Not pictured: Melissa - see the blog entry at GWD!

So much fun. Thanks to John for his AWESOME final answer - he put us that one point over the top to win big! I really want to do this again... apparently there are tournaments all over the city.

Who knew!?

After we finished up there we went and did Melissa's & my very first Geocaching excursion. I just heard about this recently - check out the website for details, but it's basically hidden treasures you find and report on, with the added fun of take-a-prize-leave-a-prize and/or moving something along to another location.

And they're everywhere! I'm going looking for one that's about 2 blocks from us tonight. OH YES.

Go try it!

This weekend will be craft-tacular. My mom is starting a new business venture with pet supplies and had the brilliant idea of making treat/bag holders for belt loops for dog-owners - so smart! I'm making some mock-ups, plus I have some t-shirts destined to be undies, a birthday present to create for TR (hopefully will not suck, but the jury's out), more baskets to make... and maybe some swimming. It'll be hot tomorrow, so I think that may do the trick.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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