Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend Catchup: Words Fail Me

Okay now you know I don't get political on here, but right now there is something terribly important afoot that affects every last citizen of this country.

There is a *lot* of intentional misinformation being passed around about the Health Care Reform bill, with the majority of that being done by the insurance companies (who stand to lose their large incomes if they can't hold all the cards anymore) and I promise, nobody's going to take your rights with this, or force you to use the plan, or degrade your health care or any of the goofy rumors being perpetrated. All that will happen is that the ungodly portion of the US citizenry that currently can't even get their blood pressure taken will be able to get some basic healthcare.

I promise, that' s all there is to it.

Anything else you've heard... well I can't convince you myself but if you read the bill itself you'll see the truth of the matter. If that's a bit much to digest (it is!), there's a more truncated list of rumors that were recently addressed by President Obama, and you can read it here, but the main points are that most of the bill is centered around reigning in the current practices of the insurance companies.

Hm, I wonder why the insurance companies want this to die?

Please call your local congress-person and senator and ask them to support Health Care Reform. Encourage your friends and neighbors to do it too. They really do listen, and need our support right now.

ANYWAY... off my soapbox.

I love you, Internet

My weekend was...


If you could see me now, you'd see me looking into the word-pool, trying to fish out something appropriate - why this involves me tapping a single finger against my chin I don't know, but it does.

Eventful doesn't seem to cut it, though there were some delightful events and I got stuff done.

Interesting is too bland a term to really encompass it.

(tap tap tap)

Ever have something that was impossible to describe without sounding like you just ate a handful of something illicit?

Bad-poetry-inspiring, mood-altering, but all good, don't worry!

Friday night I crashed a bit early after a 2-hour gabfest and getting a small bit of sewing done on some lovely blue fabric (just a hem, but it was a LONG hem). The gabfest is an on-going thing; every time I get on the phone I hit a wormhole and 2 or 3 hours (and an entire battery charge) seem to zip out of existence.

Any excuse for Hanna-Barbera

Saturday morning involved a lot of boring running around in an attempt to be productive. The Child is out of town at the moment, and many years spent with her as the center of my universe have left me - as she has been getting older and, subsequently, her own life - having to learn to entertain myself. Luckily I have some lovely friends who are willing and able to help me out with that. She's been too busy in Oregon checking out whales and driving boats and looking at starfish butts and playing in the Pacific to CALL HER MOTHER, which is as it should be.

Doesn't she look like she's having a BLAST?

You thought I was kidding

Why am I not in this picture? No fair.

The evening was much more fun than my grocery store/laundry/vaccuming-filled day, involving a never-ending thunderstorm (unexpectedly with its own soundtrack), the bitchinest van on the planet, and Connections, which I really wanted to watch more of but didn't because it was like 1AM and I was falling asleep (surest way to put me out - no lights and the television on and an arm around my shoulders).

Seriously, though... the storm was incredible. Colorado weather is funny, especially where I live along the mountains. Because they're so vast and tall and different depending on where you are, they actually *change* the weather on a regular basis. It can be clear and sunny where I am, and snowing an inch an hour 80 miles south. It could be raining buckets on my front lawn and dry as a bone 10 miles east.

The storm on Saturday night was way out on the Eastern Plains, but it was large enough that a quick drive out into the fields (Longmont being a little island of city in the middle of a *lot* of country) brought us an unobstructed view that involved, amongst other things, a huge moon painted orange, only visible for a few minutes before being buried behind giant thunderheads, only to re-emerge an hour or so later, illuminating the tips and tops of what was left behind as the storm headed for points East.

Sunday involved some really, really needed sleeping in, plus I got to flip through this book, generously lent by its owner. I'm not sure if I'll ever get the chance to go myself, but I'd like to once in my life, for the art and creativity of the attendees if nothing else! They do some amazing stuff, and as with many things, photos only go so far.

Wouldn't you love to see this up close, and maybe walk around inside? I bet it smelled good.

Here's hoping you had a weekend that was as fun as mine... Tonight I'm planning on bringing the satin pants into existence. Wish me luck!

I have Kleenex at the ready to mop up my tears...


Dandy said...

What is that tunnel made of? I figure this might explain why it would smell good.

I sooo want to go to Colorado now!

curegirl0421 said...

Wood planks! Unbelievable, isn't it?!

Elle Bee said...

The worm hole phone thing is so true. A similar worm hole exists for blogging too.

That picture is amazing. A 5 star termite resort!

I have a friend that lives in Colorado and she absolutely loves it. I envy you and your storms. It must be so beautiful.

I hope something gets done with our healthcare in this country. It sure isn't going to get better on it's own, and the way it is now is preposterous for a nation of our wealth. You'd think we'd take better care of our citizens!

Keep the posts comin'! You're my afternoon read. :o)

Nova and Ma said...

I love that the majority of protesters against health care reform...and do not want the "Government" involved in health care are on MEDICARE! tHESE PEOPLE ARE TOO STUUUUPID TO BREATHE!

The child does look like she is having a ball..Nov is so happy she is with them. What a totally cool child you have.

I hate talking on the phone...hat it hate it hate it...just ask the Nov.

Love Ya